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Call center using salesforce

5 reasons Call Centers need Salesforce

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5 reasons Call Centers need Salesforce

“The customer is why we are here. If we take good care of them, they’ll give us a good reason to come back.” – Quote by Jenny McKenzie
Call centers are an important component of any business, big or small. It would be suicidal for a company to not have one. It can be in-house or outsource to a specialist for certain processes etc. In fact, the economies of many countries are benefitting by being the ‘call centers of the world namely India and The Philippines”. Call centers to provide human interaction with customers, solving issues, distributing information, and keeping customers happy as well we loyal. A call center can be manned by 5 employees or 500 or even 5000, it’s just a matter of scale.
As with the advent of technology, one of the latest buzz words is Telephony integration with CRM. What exactly is Telephony integration with CRM? It is defined as a technology that allows computers to interact with phones. This is becoming a normal feature in call centers around the world, resulting in the productivity of the call center agents increasing. 
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Let’s look at 5 reasons for adoption of CRMs such Salesforce by call centers:
Customer data is centralized: CRMs such as Salesforce consolidate all customer data of all nature in one place. Data is easily accessed, simple to understand, consolidated with past history. Thus exchanges are fruitful, insightful, shorter, and leading to customer satisfaction. Customer engagement is pleasant and personalized. 
Planning: The management tools within the CRM with real-time data foster analysis of performances and problems. Studying data such as call volume, case times, up-sell rates, revenue per call, and so on help management to formulate long term strategies and plans to keep clients happy and increase sales & productivity. Thus a call center can optimize the performance of each agent, team, and company in total. 
Automatic Case Escalation: Salesforce CRM has the tool to route calls to relevant agents and teams. Thus reducing waiting time or customer dissatisfaction. Calls can be transferred between agents, teams, etc easily. Thus customers and calls needing immediate or specialized attention can be quickly routed for immediate problem-solving.
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Evaluating employees: Monitoring the performance of team members or agents is enabled through Salesforce. Management can get detailed insight into each and every member. The bad performers can be transferred or re-trained; the good ones can be rewarded and motivated.

Integration with other software: CRMs such as salesforce easily integrate with other software of call centers seamlessly. Thus having multiple systems to get work done is eliminated.  There is better coordination, efficiency, and productivity. All technologies are unified and blended to make the perfect “smoothie” for a business to thrive.
So if you work or run a call center for any domain or vertical, then it’s time to think of looking at CRMs such as Salesforce. Salesforce the number one CRM in the world will be the manna for many problems in the organization. Let’s talk CRM, let’s talk Salesforce.

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