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"A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn a reputation by trying to do hard things well." —  Quote by Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon

If you want to know one secret tip on how to delight clients and keep them loyal, then it's delivering superior customer service. For a company, it’s important to keep this in mind all the time. Trends surface in customer service every year and we have the latest for 2024. Let’s see what they are as told to us by Salesforce partners.

The 3 trends as per Salesforce partners are:
  1. Artificial Intelligence's role is on the increase. AI is scary for most of us as professionals for fear of losing jobs. And that’s going to happen. The only solution is to upskill or cross-skill the teams to keep them relevant. But coming back to the point - AI is proving advantageous for many teams/departments. One of them is the customer service department says Salesforce partners. Customer service is collaborating with AI technology and systems to deliver quicker & correct information for a truly delightful client experience. This will create a new role in your contact center — the high-value agent. Good agents, with the support of AI, move from fixing simple issues to engaging in complicated conversations that enhance revenue. Progressive businesses will keep & share information across the business by linking generative AI tools to their service consoles, instantly generating knowledge base articles derived from client interactions & customer relationship management information.   

  2. Advancements in field service. Moving towards 2024, field service companies will focus on enhancing productivity, reducing expenses, and enhancing revenue with AI while giving a wholesome experience to the team on the ground. Here are some ways it will help in field service say Salesforce partners - AI will help in the lowering of mistakes & enhance productivity by automatically producing work summaries both before and after a visit, even if it is a complex case. Self-service that is in demand these days will get a boost from AI. With help from AI, appointments can be made, and service visits can be tracked on the messaging channel. Field team agents will have reduced admin work to do and can devote their energy to doing their main jobs well.

  3. Revenue generation will be a mandate for the department. No longer the domain of sales and marketing teams. The customer service department will also be expected to be a profit-generation unit and contribute to the company’s financial growth. Future-ready companies will focus on a holistic customer journey, designing a continuous survey loop between teams such as sales, service, and marketing. We as Salesforce partners expect that the metrics used to measure the performance of different teams will converge. AI will be used in a big way to review client behaviour, analyse trends, and strategy & remedial action based on available data and metrics.

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