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The Covid-19 pandemic effects will be around for decades to come but one of its most devastating impacts has been on the loss of jobs and livelihoods for millions around the world. Moved by the negative impact, the management of Codleo decided to take a proactive stance to skill young techie Indians who have lost their jobs and are in desperate need of upskilling/reskilling to enable them to rejoin the workforce of India. 

Codleo Foundation, the CSR wing of Codleo Consulting, has been recently launched to work on this important challenge. It is going to be specializing in the field of vocational education. Based on the current government's clarion call of "skill in India", the non - profit's raison d'etre is to skill young India as well as the unique demography of mothers (of all ages) in all aspects of coding to enable them to be employable at the end of the course. Vocational education is the need of the hour, in which Codleo Foundation plans to fill the gaping hole with regards to the information- technology field. As a consulting partner of Salesforce and its 1% philanthropic pledge where companies commit 1% of their important resources (product, time, and resources) in charitable works in local communities, Codleo is putting all its available resources into this initiative. 

Codleo Foundation is very focused on creating a skilled workforce that will be employable from the very beginning, thus reducing the numbers of unemployed graduates with degrees in the country. We are trying to be the bridge between the IT industry that needs many trained professionals to join their companies and youngsters seeking a bright future. With our vast population of under 25 years, we need to create an entire ecosystem geared towards vocational education, our foundation is a step in this direction. 

It envisages the following as part of this initiative: 

- Moulding & training people to be employable as coders at the end of the course 

- Synergising with leading tech companies in expanding this program including the students being hired by these companies as well as these companies funding the courses as part of their CSR commitments. 

- Tying up with higher educational institutions for adding special latest technology subjects to give future technology knowledge to every graduate. 

We look forward to the wholehearted support of all of you in making the foundation and its initiatives a success. Join us with your inputs and all forms of support to ensure a bright future for young Indians. Jai Hind! 

 “Schooling doesn't assure employment but skill does.”― Quote by Amit Kalantri, Author of Wealth of Words 

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