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Women as Project Manager


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The presence of women in the corporate sector is quite small considering the workforce numbers present worldwide. The presence of women in the domain of project management is even less. One of the main reasons is that women are not present in large numbers in which sectors that have scope for project management such as construction, manufacturing, and engineering. Most companies see the board of directors, top leaders, and managers as women tend to quit jobs and focus on other aspects of their lives over time. India is one of the few countries which have mandated all companies must have a minimum of one woman on their board of directors, to increase diversity and make women a part of the decision-making top tier structure. 

Why women make an impact on project management: 

  • Interpersonal communication – Women are better at interpersonal communications which makes all the difference when dealing with various tiers and natures of people. Plus, their non-verbal and written communication skills tend to be better at times. 

  • Team spirit – Women are more inclined towards working with teams. They are more cooperative, collaborative, self-aware, and with a higher regard for others. 

  • Personalities – Women are less abrasive, confrontational as well as more methodical in the work. Their diligence and hard work show results in projects and they make for great project members as well as managers. 

  • Empathy – There is no doubt that women top the charts when it comes to empathy, understanding, compassion, and listening. They show more concern and sensitivity as their EQ (emotional quotient) is more honed. They are able to interpret issues better and resolve matters in an efficient manner. 

Women also tend to be in fewer numbers in the project management sphere because there is a general lack of awareness and information about the role, the opportunities, as well as qualifications needed to make an entry. Women are in fewer numbers in this line and this figure will only rise with time, but it needs faster acceleration if the 50% of the population needs to be part of the workforce and contribute to the GDP of any company.  About 17 – 30% of project managers are women. 

Some inspirational women in the project management domain are: 

  • Elizabeth Harrin, the author of a popular blog “A Girl’s Guide To Project Management” as well as a project manager. Her website inspires many in the domain of PM. 

  • Rebecca Winston is a former Vice-Chair, Chair, Fellow of the PMI (Project Management Institute) but also project & product Consultant to the US Government. 

Mr. Sanjeev Das, project manager with an MNC in NOIDA says “Unfortunately women are few and far in between. Companies need to mentor women, in general, to get their numbers up”. 

Change is around the corner and companies will have to keep pace with the fast-moving gender equality sphere. More power to women in the project management sphere. 


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