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Upskilling and Reskilling is Important


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“Talent you have naturally. Skill is only developed by hours and hours and hours of beating on your craft. “- Quote by American actor Will Smith.     

Covid-19 or no covid, the world is upside down with companies shutting shop, people being laid off, and economies feeling the hard knock. Many people who have been made redundant need to get back into the workforce and those seeking to enter the workforce need to find the jobs which are needed in the market as opposed to what they are qualified in currently. This is what is known as up skilling or reskilling.  All of us need to do the same to this in our working lifetime at some point or the other.

What exactly is the meaning of these two words being bandied about around us?

Reskilling – It is defined as the skills needs by a person to perform his / her current organisation or in a personal capacity.  With the march of time, particular professional roles become redundant. Reskilling allows a person to seek employment or remain employed in new roles as a result of reskilling. This can apply to a host of roles across industries and is particularly relevant for the older generation.

Up skilling – It refers to persons seeking to further their career by picking up new skills & requirements of better career prospects. Studying for higher education (degrees and diplomas) is simple to understand examples of up skilling. Many people undertake full time or part time courses to further skill themselves to make themselves employable or relevant in their professional lives.

Why are these two important for a person? 

  • Overcoming digital skills gap. We are in the 21st century and no one can or should escape from digital and technical skills. Since tech is becoming all pervasive in all sizes & natures of businesses, it is imperative to reskill / up skill to not lag behind and become redundant. 

  • Employment opportunities become wide spread. With all forms of up skilling / reskilling, professional opportunities open up for people. It’s easier to get employment or even remain employed in the current organisation. In the end, remaining relevant for being part of the workforce is vital. 

  • Remaining employed. In most companies with profiles being redundant or new skills being required, it's imperative for employees to up skill / reskill either as part of company policy or their own personal initiative to stay as part of the company in which they are currently employed. 

Mr RS Maan, Global CRO of Codleo Consulting says, “Reskilling and up skilling are necessities of life, and our aim via the foundation is to provide opportunities to the bright sparks of India to leave a mark”.

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