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“Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success." - Quote by Swami Sivananda.

Leaving the security and safety of educational campuses can be quite daunting for all youngsters. Stepping into the real harsh world for careers and opportunities can be a scary affair. This transition can be made less scary if youngsters get an opportunity to intern with companies in their preferred fields for a few weeks/months each year in college. These periods of internships are very valuable for a youngster. To elaborate on the reasons for the same, we have written this blog. Read on to know why an internship is now gaining traction in India as well.

Below are listed some important reasons for internship:

  • Much needed exposure to the real world. In this highly competitive world with so many candidates for entry-level positions, a degree/diploma does not guarantee a job. Well, if you are lucky or have good connections, then maybe it might. For others, exposure to an office environment or work experience even as a fresher comes into play.  By being an intern in a reputed company, you get the much-needed exposure to a professional work environment, enhance your knowledge in so many different ways as well as get to decide if you are / will choose the right field or not.  By being in an office, you can learn about the career path of your chosen field by interacting with seniors and learning from them.

  • Start your journey of professional networking.  Networking refers to forging ties/bonds with professionals within and external to your domain of work. As an intern, it is the start of one's networking journey that plays an integral part in growth & success.  Important professionals' connections are forged with seniors in the company that if sustained over time can be good building blocks of one's career. The more people you meet in your internship, the better the chances of personal & professional growth. Observation is the best way to learn. Watching professionals at work helps you to understand how to work with teams, different environments and so on.

  • Personal growth. The personality of a person is a 'work in progress throughout their life. From a sheltered campus life in school and college with academic knowledge, you step out as an intern and begin the journey of personal growth. You get to know about abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Depending on the company you are interning with, it can a challenging & educative environment. Be like a sponge and soak up all that you can - be it 1 month or 3 months summer program. Helping your seniors teaches you many life, social and professional skills. Time to hone your skill set and personality.

  • Beyond technical skills. In order to succeed in interviews and workspaces, one needs to learn a host of soft skills. These include interpersonal, communication, and collaborative skills. The ability to work as a team, improve written & oral communication, problem-solving, etc are all developed during an internship. An internship prepares you for interviews and professional work with its many challenges and opportunities.

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