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As we keep saying in this space the deployment of Salesforce CRM along with other cloud offerings is the beginning of the journey, not the end. If a business such as yours wants to see continuous growth and optimal usage of Salesforce, it's time to think about Salesforce support ( also known as Salesforce managed services).  Many businesses face challenges related to resource shortages, updating org, or making changes, managing utilization, and ensuring optimal running & utilization. This is where Salesforce support services by experienced & licensed vendors do their magic bit  

The challenges that companies face: 
  • Hiring expensive Salesforce talent to manage their org. Salesforce-certified personnel is experiencing a boom in terms of demand in the market. This is especially true as companies are opening after the COVID nightmare. As it happens, the demand is leading to soaring salaries, especially in emerging markets like India. Thus, small, and medium-sized companies are in a conundrum as hiring expensive resources is not a great idea. 

  • Hiccups in achieving business goals. Even with internal Salesforce personnel on the payroll, you could face unwanted hiccups in the quest for new strategies and so on. In such a scenario having access to Salesforce-trained and experienced personnel is a big boon.  

  • Sketchy updates. Salesforce is software at the end of the day. Unless it is managed well with regular maintenance and updates, it won’t deliver the goods. Salesforce support services try to address this concern. Each process is managed well, and important changes are suggested for action. Salesforce support services ensure that your org performs optimally, and updates happen on a regular basis. 

  • Configuration & Development. Technical debts should be a strict no–no. Spending money on the storage of irrelevant code & unused features leads to incurring technical debt. The investment in Salesforce is undertaken using best practices. This leads to efficiency in operations. 

How Salesforce support services are useful? 
  • Help in evolving your CRM as you scale. With support services, your Salesforce support partner like Codleo makes sure that the Salesforce CRM is configured, personalized, and handled to achieve the business objectives. Continuous improvements are made possible. 

  • The smooth functioning of the org. Any changes or updates to your org happen smoothly and seamlessly. Your work does not suffer as it is handled by professionals. 

  • Management is free from being involved in Salesforce maintenance. With professionals running the show, the management/leadership can focus on running the business smoothly. They don’t have to be involved in small decision-making about the salesforce org. 

  • Support and innovation. Salesforce support services deliver continuous management of your Salesforce solution. It includes user administration, data administration, etc. to skip routine administration processes.  Defining continuous improvement opportunities that can be carried out quickly to help the business perform better is part of their services. 

  • Security checks. For a smooth performance, Salesforce support services correct code faults, resolve performance challenges and fix misconfigured features as well as add-ons. 

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Nikhil Mathur

Nikhil Mathur is a Project Manager, 3x Certified Salesforce Consultant with almost 4 years of Salesforce and rich onsite experience from working with multiple offshore clients. Out of the office, he finds thrill in biking and adventure sports.

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