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In the 21st century, there have been rapid changes on planet Earth, be it in social media, the economy, and the manufacturing world. The advent of AI has revolutionized processes, bottom lines, and overall dynamics of how the industry grows. Amidst this technology boom etc, the industry is becoming customer-centric. We are now in a period where the industry does not wait for feedback or results of surveys on the needs of the market or the consumer. The focus is on predicting future requirements and working to provide the same. It is in this respect that the role of CRM (customer relationship management) has never been more critical.

Here are some reasons why CRM such as Salesforce should be considered by the industries:

Demand Forecasting - CRMs such as Salesforce are an asset for industries that work in fast-changing scenarios such as FCMG, electronic items, etc. Accurate forecasting of demand by a good CRM will enable the company to develop a product and have it shipped out to the market much ahead of competitors thus enjoying the first-mover advantage. Now isn’t that a great reason to consider Salesforce for yourself?

Optimum Levels Of Productivity – With the availability of data from accurate forecasting, enables the production/manufacturing teams to prepare a manufacturing schedule to meet the demand. Thus it enables the company to have adequate materials and staff to produce and ship out. Overall, it brings down ad-hoc costs and thus tightening of the finances.

Richer Customer Relationship – After-sales service is a critical element in any industry and manufacturing is no different. A great CRM like salesforce enables the company to keep its customers happy vide satisfactory resolution of complaints and issues by keeping track of them. This leads to fewer delays, financial implications, and referrals.

Improving The Quality Of Products – Salesforce CRM enables the company to track feedback and suggestions from the target audience/consumer. The same is channelized to create superior products, ensuring the customers remain loyal and the brand image does not suffer. CRM enables the manufacturing of consistently good quality products that hold their place in the hearts and minds of the customer.

Joint Team Effort in the Sales Department - Products like Chatter of Salesforce enable the team to work unitedly. The team works in tandem when it comes to new opportunities, potential queries, etc. This results in the company’s optimal performance and higher outputs.

If any of these reasons don’t convince the manufacturing industry to consider Salesforce CRM, then nothing will. The partnership between Salesforce and the manufacturer (small-scale or an MNC) is a win-win for both. It will make the management of the company set higher goals and increase revenues, keeping its leadership role in the segment unblemished.

Contact us for your CRM needs today and end up with a customized package just right for you and your company’s bottom lines. Cheers.

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Mohit Sharma

Mohit is Practice Lead, 15x Certified Salesforce Consultant, Salesforce trainer, blogger, writer, and full-time husband. With over 8 years of experience implementing Salesforce, and an obsession for innovation, ready to tackle any new project that comes his way.

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