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What do the Healthier Kids Foundation and Elevate Energy have in common? They are two NGOs that are using the nonprofit cloud globally to make a difference.

This is an overdue blog on the next generation of Nonprofit Cloud, with the latest program management, fundraising, engagement, and grant-making features in a single tech platform. Plus, analytics and reporting are present in every functionality. This enables NGOs to learn & share impact with finesse, improve agility, and hasten their mission goals, thanks to Salesforce Implementation Services.

The latest version of Nonprofit Cloud deployed via Salesforce Implementation Services uses the strength of the Customer 360 CRM platform and its innovations, like Salesforce Data Cloud, Einstein AI, and CRM Analytics. NGOs now have one solution to unite data, share information, customise interaction, and unleash AI-fuelled, data-led insights. Various aspects of work are united so NGOs can work seamlessly as they grow and streamline impact.

In Program Management, NGOs can view any program attendee’s progress in a unified view. Employees can access an individual’s progress & select the best next step for them. They can also study their programs and who they need to focus on as a priority say Salesforce partners like Codleo.

With the latest Fundraising & Engagement features, NGOs can provide customised experiences, at scale, reliant on a person’s activity with the NGO. The marketing team & fundraisers can view what channels and campaigns are having an impact.  Employees can make decisions with real-time data and leverage robust AI-driven analytics. Plus, thanks to automation tools, the mundane & repetitive manual tasks are cast aside allowing the fund-raising team to spend more quality time trying to scale donations.

Real-time data and analytics also power Grantmaking, assisting NGOs & foundations to fuel deeper impact. Donors. Grantees get superior experience. They can communicate with the grantmakers to confirm Codleo - Salesforce Implementation Services.

Outcomes functionality is in every solution so it will be an option. With comprehensive, amassed reports that study whether a program, campaign, or service is achieving its intended purpose, NGOs can review & improve their work. Plus, the team is informed where to channel the funds & resources, when they need to pivot to fuel deeper impact and provide comprehensive data as to how a donor’s support helps the good work.

Mr. Rahul Ray, Director of Codleo Foundation says “NGOs have got a tech boost with the next gen of nonprofit cloud, deployed via Salesforce Implementation Services. It makes their work better so they can focus on driving more impact, via their programs and reach more beneficiaries. We are happy that Salesforce is continuously upgrading the nonprofit cloud and increasing its functionalities.”

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Rahul is a seasoned consultant in travel, transport and hospitality sector subject matter expert with over 20 years of experience and constantly challenging himself to re-define travel distribution and channels, Dedicated Son, Love Nature and Politics both

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