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Top Ways To Enhance Employee Delight And Improve Productivity


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"The way your employees feel is the way your customers will feel. And if your employees don't feel valued, neither will your customers." – Quote by Sybil F. Stershic - author & founder of Quality Service Marketing.

The human team of any brand (be it 5 employees or 5000) are its biggest assets. It’s imperative that each company recognises the same and takes all steps in this regard. The HR team in conjunction with the management can formulate many ways to keep their staff happy, motivated, and loyal. We on our part have put together 4 ways that this can be done to improve the productivity of each employee, be they in the office or working remotely.

Let’s take a close look at the top ways to enhance employee delight & improve productivity:

  • Match roles to skill sets. It’s vital for companies to know the skill sets of each person, their personality, and behavioural traits. This is where HR, counselors, and the learning & development team can collaborate. Once it is clear about the weaknesses & strengths of each employee then the company gets a clearer picture of how to use each person to the best of their ability / capability.  Therefore roles / tasks etc can be given to people where they make the best fit and will shine. If an employee is good with figures, use them for accounts. If someone is a people’s person, let them work with the marketing department and if someone is socially conscious, then let them work in the company’s social department.  

  • Offer incentives to staff. Incentives are a tried and tested way used by all brands to improve productivity and ROI. Incentives are the best way to motivate and tell employees that they are valued by the company. Companies with an established incentive strategy / plan have loyal staff as well as higher degrees of employee satisfaction. Incentives can take many forms (cash, coupons, recognition, prizes etc). In Codleo, we offer cash incentives for “employee of the month” and “intern/trainee of the month’. This keeps all Codleons on their toes and motivated. 

  • Create a culture of collaboration.  Collaboration among people / departments ensures a smooth work environment and a rise in productivity.  A culture of collaboration reduces timelines, saves expenses, and improves productivity, and so on. For the creation of a culture of collaboration, companies should onboard good software to enable staff to work together in the best possible manner. 

  • Leadership should delegate work and responsibilities. Delegation of work empowers employees as well as tells them that they can be trusted to carry out tasks / assignments and projects. Delegation of work helps employees to refine skills, pick up new skills, increase knowledge and pick up more responsibility.  

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