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Every company must be aware of certain measurable Key Performance Indicators (also known as KPIs) to gauge the experience of leads and clients (negative or positive). In this blog, we have put together some such KPIs which are crucial for your company, strategy, outreach, and revenue.

The top KPIs for enhancing client journey with your company are: 

  • Direct traffic – This refers to the visitor traffic a brand receives due to its efforts in the form of outreach. This is important as it shows that the efforts of the company are paying off. Improving client engagement happens when the company is determined on its messaging. The more engagement the company receives, the better chances of finding quality prospects who in turn convert into customers. The new-age customers are seeking constant and relevant interactions with their preferred brands as they strive for personal relationships. 

  • Time spent on the website - The time spent on your website is another important KPI to judge client engagement with your brand. Tracking of the average time spent by clients will give you data to analyze if more time or less time spent is productive or negative for your specific brand. If people are spending too much time on the website, it could indicate that it is a negative experience as they are not able to find what they are looking for. 

  • Multi-channel touch points –A touchpoint comes into play when the business and prospect connect. By multiple channel touchpoints, we refer to the myriad ways that the two can interact. These include face-to-face meetings, phone calls, emails, live chats, SMS, and social media. The more options a company gives to leads and clients to interact with the brand, the better it is. Different people prefer different modes of engagement. For example, some might prefer WhatsApp, some social media channels while others may like to talk on the phone or meet someone face to face (mostly elderly people).  

  • Customer effort score – This refers to the effort put in by the client/lead to interact with the company.  This is where customer servicing and experience come into play. It should be relatively easy for anyone to locate whatever goods/services you offer, to locate contact information, or purchase a product. The process should be easy, fast, and smooth to develop confidence in leads to purchase, become loyal clients, and eventually brand ambassadors for your brand. Undertaking customer satisfaction surveys is the best way to gauge the overall experience of the audience at large. With pertinent questions such as “Rate your satisfaction on a scale from one to five” in the survey, you will be astonished to see the replies. 

  • Brand mentions on social media – Keeping track of the number of times your brand is mentioned in the social media channels is a good way to judge the overall client experience with the company. If the feedback on social media is positive, it means you are on the right track. If it’s the opposite, then it’s a “wake up” call to make amends. Do note customers praise or criticize a brand on social media, be prepared for both.

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