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As we all know all by now that CRMs are the tools of power and enablement with businesses of any nature, size or location.  These tools help in transforming customer engagement and delight with their features and tools. Below is a compilation of some of the top CRMs for small and big businesses. 

The top CRMs for businesses in 2021 are: 

  • Freshsales – It is ideal for small companies that operate in the b2b space. It can be curated and is pocket friendly with a built-in phone. 

  • Zoho – This CRM is good for companies seeking an efficient CRM with social media synced and the presence of order management tools. 

  • Pipedrive – It is quite a user friendly as well as has visual pipelines to oversee the sales performances 

  • Hubspot – One of the best in the market. It is free, simple to use, with basic features and the provision to have an unlimited number of users in a business, which is ideal for large companies and those seeking not to spend megabucks on CRMs. 

  • Salesforce Essentials - For small and family-run businesses, it comes with enterprise-class sales and support features. 

  • Zendesk Sell – It is a great CRM for companies looking for a sturdy CRM with a wonderful mobile app to go with it. 

  • Really Simple Systems – This CRM comes with built-in marketing and service desk capabilities. 

  • Bitrix24 – It is another pocket-friendly CRM with all standard features required for a business to operate. 

  • Insightly – This CRM is for those businesses whose requirement includes project management and G Suite integration. 

  • Streak - It is another basic and simple-to-use CRM that is connected to your Gmail inbox, so in a way, it is only for those who have Gmail IDs. Otherwise its not a good idea to go for it. 

A CRM for a business is determined by the main question: who is it for? The business owner or the sales team.  

Before selecting a CRM here are a few considerations to keep in mind: 

  1. The price factor and the budget of the company per month usage. 

  2. Ease of use. It can be used by every one person in the company and not one which requires technical skills, even if basic. 

  3. Contact details data is easily available, simple to use, and integrated with other functions. 

  4. The provision of workflows being automated should be omnipresent. 

  5. It has to have in-built reporting tools which keep a tab on various kinds of data. 

  6. Easy integration with other softwares being used by the company. 

  7. Customisation of the CRM to suit the requirements and needs of the users and the business is a must. 

  8. The feedback from users of CRMs is a good way to judge which one is ideal for you as a business to invest money into. 

Which CRM is your company currently using? Is it any of the above-listed ones. If yes, do write in with your feedback. We are happy to share your views with our larger community.

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