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Customers and their happiness are the reason why businesses exist and thrive. They are at the heart of every business of any nature & size, and one should not forget this daily. Keeping customers happy is no easy job nor can it be taken for granted. Coming to the aid of companies in their drive & desire to be customer focussed is technology. Tech tools namely CRM (customer relationship management) tools play the foremost role in keeping the customer as king. Let's read about some of these CRM tools who are re - shaping the way we deal with clients & prospects and should be in the wishlist of every tycoon.

Salesforce - Salesforce is the world’s number one CRM platform, providing businesses with an edge to go beyond their customer expectations for improved sales, services and marketing. This top cloud-based CRM platform has the power to completely transform the way your enterprise operates, reinventing both customers and employee experience. It is used by the majority of companies worldwide and offers many advantages over other tools in the market.

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Hubspot - Hubspot has a really well-designed trial and onboarding experience in the app that gives it good marks. They have managed to increase their footprint with over 2500 companies implementing and promoting this tool. Small teams can create leads from Hubspot by having tools built-in for creating and hosting web pages, optimizing pages for search, and sharing content on social media. HubSpot's encompassing (marketing, sales, and service) platform gives you the requisite tools to curate magical client experiences. Since it is fuelled by the same database, all departments such as Marketing, Sales, Service, and so on are using the same system of record.  This leads to a smoother flow between departments and a qualitative experience for the clients.

Zoho - Zoho CRM is considered as a leading CRM tool for businesses catering to a large mass of clients and performing difficult transactions. It lets users manage sales leads by ranking them based on their replies. The feature of sales signals alerts the users whenever a new prospect is created and put in the database. Zoho CRM lets users to keep a track of website visitors and view their activities to curate your engagement accordingly.

Pipedrive -   Pipedrive is among the widely known CRMs with its users because of its easy solutions that help small and medium-size companies smoothly oversee the sales process and enhance their business over time. Its focus lies in prospect management and tracking. It lets users to generate many sales pipelines and personalise them as per the user's needs.

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