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As the first month of 2024 draws to an end, users of Salesforce and Salesforce partners have lots to look forward to. New releases with upgrades, features, and functions for various profiles and tools. Plus, September is time for the annual Dreamforce event. It is also when niggles concern the users. In today’s blog, we look at three concerns of Salesforce users in 2024 and what can be done by the users in conjunction with their Salesforce partners.

Listed below are the top concerns of Salesforce users in 2024 as per Salesforce partners:
  • Storage issues. Salesforce allows users to ramp up as the business grows and the quantity of business operations widens. As the quantity of information to be parked grows, in conjunction the time taken to undertake particular operations does as well. This in turn increases the duration needed to carry out operations. Salesforce storage is split into two compartments —file storage and data storage. Both need to be enhanced. Streamline the work with files, arrange them neatly in folders, practice file collaboration, and version control, and study old files and files made by redundant users. Use the best practices for working with an enormous cache of information.

  • Bugs thanks to personalisation of the org. A personalised software contains bugs, as forecasting and planning for all edge cases & dependencies are not feasible. Here are some suggestions for the same: Use coding guidelines & development best practices, create a smart environment strategy for Salesforce development & operations, and Train the quality analyst team to comprehend the intricacies of Salesforce. Occasionally Salesforce users buy licenses for products that have no need or requirement. They don’t know how to use them or how to leverage them for success at work.  To get rid of such concerns in 2024, contact Codleo - Salesforce partners.

  • Apex governor lists. To remove the control of Salesforce’s shared resources in a multi-tenant environment, the theory of governor limits is used. Apex code is of no use when users cross these limits, therefore a review is required. Two issues arise. CPU Time Limit Exceeded surfaces when automations (such as Apex, Flow, etc.) go on and on. The use of best practices comes into play.  What are they? Any idea? Share with us. Second, the Heap Size Limit happens when a lot of data is parked in memory while executing Apex code. So, if you can’t gain access to data in your org using a third-party app integration, it would be best to use a different API that saves your request or bulk APIs.

Don’t get overly worked or concerned about these issues listed above, contact Codleo - Salesforce partners. Our comprehensive Salesforce support services that are end-to-end will address all the matters with our team of certified & dedicated team, working for your business success. Call us today for a short discovery call.

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Mohit is Practice Lead, 15x Certified Salesforce Consultant, Salesforce trainer, blogger, writer, and full-time husband. With over 8 years of experience implementing Salesforce, and an obsession for innovation, ready to tackle any new project that comes his way.

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