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Hello readers, we have returned to sharing with you some more benefits of Generative AI. There are so many benefits that we just felt that a second part of this blog topic is well deserved. We hope you enjoyed reading part 1 as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you.

The top benefits of Generative AI as per Salesforce Integration Services firms are:
  • Superior client service – Quick responses to client’s problems are tough when the client base is huge.  With a limited client service team at hand at any time, the wait time is too long to connect and engage on the phone for the clients. Now chatbots use generative AI tech based on available business records, therefore customised support with AI tools is at hand. Clients can engage with the AI chatbot anytime and get the assistance required. If the issue is complex in nature, the customer is transferred to a human agent —thereby allowing the agents to focus on high-value tasks, and not deal with mundane and repetitive tasks.

  • Nurtures innovation in the market. Brands looking to grow in their industry will leverage generative AI for this task. By reviewing a large cache of information, generative AI tools provide visibility into data that humans may not know or look for. For businesses, this translates to greater market innovation. AI enables businesses to discover different ways for growth. These ways may be launching new goods, service opportunities, expected market changes, and other important insights. Besides assisting companies in obtaining insights about markets, generative AI aids in lowering the problems associated with innovation. Without studying all the information available, data-driven planning and action is just not possible. How flawed would be the strategy and action based on inaccurate data say firms dealing in Salesforce Integration Services

  • Fueling digital makeover. Generative AI fuels digital makeovers in companies because of the data volume it delivers to businesses, which helps the management in a better decision-making process. For example, AI that addresses predictive maintenance enables firms to be alert and manage equipment repairs/ servicing or care before issues or problems crop up — providing companies that don’t invest in tech to do so. There are solutions for all verticals. Everyone can do with a great tech stack for their industry that meets their needs, thanks to Salesforce Integration Services.

  • Fuels creativity at work. Creative people are fully aware of creative blocks/periods when nothing new/exciting surfaces. It’s then that Salesforce Integration Services and Generative AI come to the rescue. Be it in the form of catchy lines, sassy slogans, marketing material, documentation, and so on. They help in surfacing new ideas. No more being at a loss for ideas.  Note – Proceed with caution and diligence. Reviewing and editing output is needed in every case.

Some popular generative AI tools in the market besides the popular ChatGPT are Dall-E2, Wordtune, Notion, and itHub Copilot. How many of these are you aware of? How many are you using?

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