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Team Discussing about features of project management software


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“Management is, above all, a practice where art, science, and craft meet.” –Henry Mintzberg

The advent of technology has come to the rescue of businesses (small or large) in the form of project management software and various tools. These tools help business owners/management to effectively organize work and smooth running of processes, tasks, and projects. It is particularly useful for businesses to turn to these tools to turn around their fortunes or just stay on top of the game.

Here are five features of project management software:

Planning and Scheduling: The software allocates chores, duties, and accountability. It sends notifications once deadlines are due and duties involved in it remain unattended. It also prioritizes duties. Task management features are a must-have or one of the best features of project management software and so look out that the solution you are planning to purchase has it. A team calendar to schedule interactions is another feature to look out for. This enables all relevant teams to receive alerts on brainstorming and attend the sessions.


Collaboration: Great solutions empower departments, teams, and their members to share files, lists, contacts, and calendars. Members can put or view information. A messenger app within the project management software facilitates office communication. Choose software with dashboards that can be viewed by all. Graphics, charts, visual metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) can be added and modified by all concerned. Customer data is critical for all companies that can be easily added, shared, and used by all.

Documentation: Great software allows for easy storage and documentation of information. This includes information such as planned and completed duties, previous and future calendar events, customer data, project resources, costs, and client bills. Billing automation is a good feature to have in your software, so ask your potential vendor if they incorporate it.

Reporting: Reports are a KPI dashboard that is a must. KPI stands for Key performance indicators. The reporting tools must be customizable.  The reports ought to give you an overview of the progress of the project in order to take remedial measures to save deadlines, issues, and finances. The KPIs worth considering are planned and actual project value, vagaries in timelines, and the % of achieved duties.

Project Budget:  The IT solution should empower you to oversee your budgets and costs. It should alert you when you are going over the finances allocated. You are able to curate a financial reporting dashboard and include various KPIs to show movement as per your requirements.


Keep the above list in mind when selecting a great project management solution on salesforce or any other cloud or non-cloud software for your company. One such novel entrant in the market is going to be our in-house development – Projecleo.

Contact us if this piques your interest. We shall be happy to share upcoming details on the same. This software will be a game-changer for you, and it comes with the backing of the talent, foresight, and experience of team Codleo. What are you waiting for?

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