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Self-discipline requires hard work


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It's hard to believe that people who are self-disciplined / regulated are not only healthier (spiritually, physically, or mentally) but are even happier as compared to other who are not. People who are self-disciplined are sorted and don’t allow feelings / thoughts to make wrong choices. They don’t have “weak moments” or give into indulgences. They lead controlled lives that keep them balanced and happy. It's an aspiration that we should all aim for. To this end, we have compiled some valuable tips that everyone can use to become self-disciplined in the long run in their lives. 

The top tips for becoming self-disciplined are: 

  • Know your weaknesses. Everyone on this world has some weaknesses / cravings. It could be alcohol, tobacco products, drinks / foods containing added sugar, or junk food. Acknowledging and recognising them is the first step in the process to overcome them. It's better than to ignore them or hiding them from the world and for those who wish to help you. 

  • Discard all temptations that are directly related to your weaknesses. This is very useful piece of advice. By removing all temptations in your home / car / workplace, you are setting yourself for success. It's as simple as that. For example, if you have sugar issues, remove all food & drink items that add to your woes. If you have a cell phone addiction, remove apps, or switch off your notifications that end up distracting you from work or other area of focus. Removal of bad influences means you are on the right road. 

  • Be clear on the goal(s) and the plan for it. To acquire a high degree of self-discipline, you need to be clear about the end objective. A plan addresses all the steps needed to be taken by you to achieve the end goals. This will help you or for that matter anyone to stay on course, otherwise the alternative is divergence and failure. 

  • Work on building up self-discipline. Just as Rome was not created in a day, so is self-discipline as no one is born with it. It’s an acquired skill and needs time & patience to be honed. It’s a lot of work and distractions do surface that can derail the process. It requires a lot of self – control to not submit to temptations that can be presented consistently and daily. 

  • Curate new habits (to break the old ones) but keep them simple. To ensure your end goals don’t get derailed, break it down into small components. Converting them into small doable steps is a good way to go forward. Smalls steps that are easy & simple to do ensure you are on track. 

  • Eat well and regularly. Keep yourself healthy, Eat well and regularly. Keep yourself healthy, happy always to ensure a good mood and concentration are optimal. Hunger = lack of concentration = loss of self-control / self-discipline. So, take care of yourself by eating regularly and healthy, and make the right choices that will keep you fit.

  • Have a backup plan (just in case). This refers to a plan where you are confronted by temptation and the steps that you can do to avoid them and come out triumph. Having plans to tackle tricky situations ensures that your journey doesn’t get minor/major hiccups. For example, eat small portions on a quarter plate as opposed to stuffing your plate if you are trying to lose weight. If you are trying to be healthy, ask your hosts for healthy options at their house or carry your own or eat at home. 

  • Reward your goals/achievements. Each step, each “high” needs to be rewarded to keep you motivated and on track. It helps you to stay the course.

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