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Marketing emails are among the tools in the hands of a business to promote, market and sell its products & services to prospective clients and customer base. A well written and crisp email can do wonders for a company's financial bottom lines as compared to other marketing tools, but unfortunately not everyone is adept in writing good marketing emails. To help all of you, we have put together some tips for writing good marketing emails which will ensure the email makes the right impact at the right time.

Some tips for writing good marketing emails:

  • The subject line should be clear, crisp and relevant. It should be eye-catching and not long & drawling. The subject line is what attracts the attention of the reader and therefore should be well crafted.

  • Personalise the email. As far as possible the emails send should be personalised and relevant to the mailing list. These emails have a greater open rate and click-through rate as compared to the others which are deemed impersonal. Segmented email lists enable personalising the subject of the email and relevant content of the email.

  • Always try and write the email using the second person with pronouns such as "you" and "yours" as such.  This enables the focus to remain on the reader rather than the business/product.

  • The marketing email should state the benefits to the target audience/prospects rather than talking about the features of the product or the service. The client wants to know why the product should be bought, so your written content should revolve around it.

  • Keep your emails brief, not long and meandering. The attention span doesn't allow for long drawling emails. It should be crisp and clear with relevant text and eye-catching graphics. No one wants to read long emails, so why send out such emails when the response rate will be low.

  • Ensure the email being sent out is relevant to the targeted audience. If the email does not have any relevance, the click rate will be low. for example, if a business is selling creams for pregnancy stretch marks, then it makes sense to sending it to women as they are the ideal target base.

We hope you enjoyed these tips put together to maximise the impact of your marketing emails. We are sure these will help you in being effective marketers.

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Anand Sharma

Anand is a Salesforce Evangelist, joined the Salesforce ecosystem in 2014 helping customers to be successful with Salesforce, and joined Codleo to share the goodness with even more developers all around the world. He is based in New Delhi, with his wife, and he tries to escape summers every chance he gets.

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