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Who is a Salesforce business analyst? This particular involves collecting & reviewing business needs and converting them into appropriate Salesforce fixes that enable the companies to perform better and enhance their finances. These analysts also oversee the Salesforce implementations within an organisation. They can be functional and hands-on, and work closely with Salesforce Administrators. They draw up project roadmaps, apply best practices, and drive the projects to their logical conclusions. One can become a pro via Salesforce Training in India. 

These are some of their job responsibilities: 

  • Coordinate with the developer’s team to find appropriate technical solutions as per needs of the client. Developers are to be kept in the loop for making analytical reports as well. 

  • Train management level staff by offering them valuable insights & plans that will enable them to get work done from their juniors. 

  • They should know how to make various types of data induced diagrams to explain various concepts to the concerned people. 

  • Provide customized training to the Salesforce operators and administrators. The training sessions should include both theoretical and practical sessions. 

  • They must be able to make others understand about different procedural flows with regard to specific departments and implementation of Salesforce. 

  •  Create suitable profiles, delegate authorities and allow access to users as per well-defined hierarchy in the company.

The qualifications and qualities needed to be a business analyst are: 

  • Possess a Salesforce Business Analyst Certification, a Consulting Cloud Certification related to sales, service or community platforms and other important Salesforce Certifications. This is achieved via Salesforce Training in India in session led by Salesforce Certified Trainers 

  • Former experience on working on CRMs (Salesforce or others) 

  • Former experience in designing a CRM 

  • Possess rational, scientific and critical thinking aptitude 

  • Good verbal and nonverbal communication skills 

  • Good interpersonal and soft skills as they deal with different levels of people 

  • Experience working with tools such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Visio and Project.  

  • Experience in implementing the platform of Salesforce CRM using Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). 

  • Passionate about work, eager to learn, cool by nature. 

The skills needed to be a business analyst are: 

Documentation skills – They should be skilled in making, storing and sharing documentation needed by various stake holders. Handling large volumes of data, making sense and putting them to proper use is a good skill to master.

Communication skills – The ability to communicate, listen intently and translate the learning’s to actionable items is important.  Listen well, don’t interrupt, make notes. Ask questions, be clear and crisp in language. Don’t talk heavy jargon and don’t be vague. Communication is the key to understanding and getting things right, the first time around.

Analytical skills – Good analytical skills are a must have skill. Making sense of all the data and jargon to deliver insights & analysis is not easy. It does require superior analytical ability. The clients depend on such skills to benefit and improve their ROI.

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