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For a while, the education industry has been woke to the idea of onboarding a series of tech / digital mediums and tools, but the ferocity of the Covid-19 pandemic has forced all educational institutions to get their act together and start delivering education digitally. Any educational institution worth its salt is now meant to provide students an end-to-end online experience— beginning with admissions, to lessons, feedback, and collaboration. In this blog, we look at how these institutions can achieve the same using tech tools.  

  • Admissions – This is the first step in the engagement between potential students and the institution. Here admission forms; the prospectus and all other relevant easing material can be digitised and can be downloaded as PDFs etc. Leads can secure an online counseling session or a demo class to know more details of the course, campus , and so on. For those seeking financial help, banks can be roped in to provide loans/assistance. The complete student on boarding process can also be online such as assignment of classes, study plans, textbooks, and other material. 

  • Self service – If all the relevant information is on a single digital platform, students can handle all things that would have been managed by the administrative team. They include register for classes, view class schedules, check for financial aid, track scores, and transcripts, and update their contact details. Chatbots can be deployed to answer simple and mundane queries. 

  • A single platform for all stakeholders - A single digital platform use of every lead, student, alumni, and staff ensures success for each student admitted in any course and who completes it. Such a platform enables the institutions’ various teams to monitor each student in their journey with them. Communication with each student/parent etc can take place in their preferred mode of communication be it email, cell phone, social channel, or instant messaging.  On completion of a course, you are able to suggest further courses in line with their career and growth plan.   

  • Monitor student performance – With the use of tools engined by artificial intelligence, educational institutions can monitor the progress of each student. With grades/marks given to every assignment, a comprehensive progress report is generated. This report can be shared with counselors, parents, and the student from time to time. 

  • Alumni – The alumni network is the biggest cheerleader for any educational institution. Value them and let them contribute to the growth of their alma mater in the way they see fit. Engagement and communication via tech platforms ensure that they feel wanted and remain invested in its progress. 

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