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Social skills are career makers


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“A loving heart is not enough to develop a successful relationship. Considerable EQ and social skills are necessary.”― Quote by Anoir Ou-Chad 


Bringing your best to the workplace can mean so many different things. In this blog, we are focusing on 5 social skills one must have or nurture to be a success in the workplace. These are skills needed to be a good colleague or a leader. Hope you enjoy reading this blog on social skills in the workplace. If you have any others, please feel free to let us know so we can include them in another popular blog post from the company with a heart. 

Here is our list of 5 social skills in the workplace: 

  • Empathy.  It is not to be confused with sympathy. Empathy basically means feeling/understanding what the other purpose is going through. It is an important skill. It comes into play when you deal with say clients who come to you with various problems/issues.  Genuine concern and understanding lead to a more nuanced problem solving and required especially for managers/leaders who deal with many employees. 

  • Listening. This is a quality everyone should have but unfortunately do not. Most people just talk or get their point across, and don’t have the patience to listen to others and their points/views or issues. Being a good listener is an art that must be inculcated and practiced on a regular basis. Listen with an open mind. No judgments or interruptions. 

  • Non-verbal communication.  A person’s body language, eye contact, and facial expressions speak volumes and convey a lot of information. You can convey different emotions thus one needs to be in control of such communication. Your cues can make or break situations hence you need to master it before it gets the better of you. 

  • Team spirit. Whether you are a leader or a junior, working in a team of 4 or 40, team spirit and sense of camaraderie is a social skill which needs to be fostered. It will take you a long way in professional life. Be the person who is good to all, speaks no evil or shows favour, and puts the team before himself/herself. Be a team player and the world are your oyster. 

  • Written communication.  One of the important skills in the workplace is enhancement or improvement of written / business communication. It could mean writing emails/memos, making presentations, and so on. If your written communication skills need polishing, reach out for help.  There are different ways of doing so. It's always good to keep honing one’s skills.

Social skills are important in the workplace just as career skills are. Some of these can be nurtured and some are inherent in the nature of the person. Which social skills do you identify with? Look forward to your views. 



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