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Salesforce quip features and benefits


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Salesforce Quip is a word processing app combining Slack and google docs. It was acquired by Salesforce a few years ago for around USD 750 million. In this blog, we shall get to know a little bit more about Quip so that it's no longer unfamiliar territory for all of us. 


What does it do? 

  1. Live paste - If a user needs to have a piece of information in multiple documents and memory is not that active, then live paste is the go-to place. Copy the relevant information onto other Quip documents with a right-click and "live paste". Every time the original Quip document is updated by a user, it gets reflected in all the other linked documents as well. 
  2. Quip chat - There is a live comment option, emojis can be used to express oneself (though best not to in official correspondence or connect) as well as monitoring of all correspondence & interactions in the sidebar of the Quip document. Hence quick feedbacks are possible, emails do not be to composed & sent, and so on. 
  3. Quip slides - It is a collaborative slide deck with real-time feedback and engagement option enabled in it. live data feeds from Quip Spreadsheets as well as feedback prompts as one does on google documents. Feedback prompts has the option of conducting surveys to elicit feedback from team members on any issue. Thus, time is saved as another round of meetings to get suggestions, etc. can be avoided. 

The quip Security feature is known as Quip shield - It is composed of three elements: Antivirus Scanning, Enterprise Key Management (EKM), and Event Monitoring. It provides users with access to real time Quip login data, auto virus scans and create, manage, encrypt security keys with EKM, and control access to your Quip documents. 
Salesforce Quip features

Quip Integration & Apps 

  1. Integration of data - Ensure salesforce org and Quip documents are in sync by going to the folder in Quip and clicking ‘manage Salesforce Org’ in the bottom left. 
  2. Log a call - This allows a user to remain focused, and not switching between and your Quip document. Thus, time is saved and productivity goes up. 
  3. Live Report Enhancements - It is a feature used to get data. The data is now embedded from Salesforce in your Quip document.  The best part is if you choose ‘Live Data’, it’s life! It becomes dynamic hence real-time data is available anytime accessible from your Quip document. 
  4. Live deal feeds - with Live Deal Feeds all data pertaining to sales is in one central place easily downloaded from Salesforce AppExchange. It informs you when a deal is closing or getting wiped out. Therefore, the management is useful to keep track of sales figures and records as well as take quick remedies in case of low % of sales. 

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