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In the era of technology ruling the roost, CRM for education (or customer relationship management tools) are becoming the norm in educational institutions. Helping in various aspects of running an institution, one of their keys benefits is in enabling smarter student recruitment.  Centres of learning need to get smarter and use CRMs and so on to get an edge over rivals and win the affection of the large student community. 

Built on the Salesforce platform, Salesforce Education Cloud is a CRM for colleges and provides a 360 degree view with digital-first engagements across the full student lifecycle. Universities and others are able to curate personal experiences and witness an increase in enrolment by over 10%. Power recruitment and admissions, advancement, and operations departments to help students from anywhere a unified CRM for education, made especially for higher education.  

Salesforce Education Cloud automates tasks, simplifies work processes and streamlines all activities to enable the recruiting department of the university to be in a command position. They are able to engage with prospects in a subtle manner and not feel like as they are being pressured to join a student. As the prospective students embark on the enrollment journey, you may monitor and track subsequent tasks so that everyone knows who needs to be nurtured and which prospect stands where on the journey with you.  

Automation of communication such as emails and SMSs take away the pressure from the counselling / recruiting department and leaves them to focus on other tasks. These are used to communicate, inform and engage with leads (and their families) in a non – intrusive way. Communication via phone is the best way to stay connected and SMSs are a great source of communication. 

Among the positives of a CRM for colleges is its ability to collate and sort vast quantities of information that is easy to review and access. Hence the CRM reports are valuable assets in a school’s recruitment drive. The cloud has “dashboards,” which are pages on which the data is presented visually based on defined metrics. Easy on the eye, the information in the form of charts, graphs, or lists are informative and easily comprehended. As they say, visuals speak louder than 100 words. They enable quick and decisive thinking by departments/management to enhance the recruitment strategy, drive, or process. 

Prospective leads can be assigned a priority or not based on defined metrics, which allows the university to smartly put in their efforts on those who are most likely to enroll. Thus, prospects who are “cold” and not likely to sign up and be put in a backburner. This is part of smart student recruitment.

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