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Presenting Salesforce Einstein Automate


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Rather than wringing our hands about robots taking over the world, smart organizations will embrace strategic automation use cases. Strategic decisions will be based on how the technology will free up time to do the types of tasks that humans are uniquely positioned to perform.- Quote by Clara Shih

Salesforce launched a few months ago the Einstein Automate – An A to Z workflow automation tool that enables companies to ramp to enhance productivity. Einstein Automate supplies automation capabilities meant for all type of business function and verticals that lets anyone working in a business to create smart workflows and merge data across all systems with a few clicks, and not coding. As companies brace a digital makeover, more data is now available for review & use than ever before. This is reimagining repetitive and mundane tasks performed on a daily basis.  This reimagining has fuelled the need for tech tools that scale productivity with smart, automated workflows and information collation in one source of truth.

The new Flow Orchestrator is a low-code workflow development tool that lets people create workflows that automate compound, multi-user processes, and approvals. Flow Orchestrator quicken projects & processes with AI-led next steps and suggestions that prompt users along the journey and alert them to road bumps that can delay the timelines / schedules.

The updated MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce is the quickest & simplest way to link scattered apps & information to Salesforce and develop an end to end view of the client without the need for coding. Accessing and linking data in different tech tools is a humongous problem for businesses the world over.  Help your team to focus their energy on vital tasks by automating mundane processes without the requirement of specialized development skills. 

  • Supplant recurring tasks with pre-recorded actions 

  • Obtain data from structured documents 

  • Share and reuse automation securely

In order to improve client and employee experience with the company, you need an efficient and easy way to connect all apps, tools, and systems.  MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce makes it simple to collate information from Salesforce and third-party systems. Then automate all these linkages to enhance company output.  

Build tech experiences for your vertical. Quickly build and install branded experiences with guided workflows for clients & staff across all devices. Let the employees manage difficult tasks / processes with ease.  

Get ready to embrace enhanced productivity and simplify work processes with Einstein automation tools & features. Contact us to know more and how it can be achieved. 

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