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Marketing in its traditional format or now the use of digital tools such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram are the best way to create brand awareness, launching new items in the market, forming bonds, lead generation, and ultimately sales. In this blog, we shall look at examples of companies in India gaining traction/success via a mix of marketing techniques.  

Here are some popular examples of companies and their success via digital marketing: 

Paperboat – the Company which is leading the non-carbonated beverages market in India is winning hearts and minds with its unique marketing strategy – emotional connect with Indian via storytelling. Each ad showcasing a unique drink product comes with a storyline which evokes nostalgia and a yearning for the simpler life of carefree childhood.  The line of juices and drinks such as jal jeera and aam panna remind us of our ancient Indian traditions and our healthy habits. Its digital marketing strategy is unique and is one of the main reasons for the widespread success of this beautiful brand. 

Vogue India magazine – The magazine in 2015 ran a social initiative campaign called #mychoice which featured 99 women renowned in their fields such as actress Deepika Padukone, film critic Anupama Chopra, Producer Zoya Akhtar and stylist Adhuna Bhabani. The digital campaign focusing on women empowerment on YouTube was a big success and went viral.  It attracted over 2 million views in just 2 days and helped the magazine gain a wider audience & appreciation in the Indian market over others. 

Make My Trip – The leading travel & tourism portal has broken through the congested clutter by getting on board two of the hottest Indian stars Alia Bhatt and Ranveer Singh as their envoys in cute, funny and pointed series of TV adverts and so on. The use of these two stars who are trendsetters and influencers among the young generation has helped MMT with its branding in a big way, leading to more leads and sales. Of course, great service from its many employees helps to keep the branding shining bright as ever. There are other digital campaigns that have been success stories but we shall keep them for another day. 

Kentucky Fried Chicken – The American fast-food chain is competing in a market that has many players and getting traction leading to sales has been a challenge. Its marketing team’s efforts with a series of campaigns like Design your own bucket’, ‘Radio KFC RJ Hunt’, and ‘Currycature’ has not only energised their online presence but also boosted sales in a big way.  We must make a mention of their 2016 TV campaign #KFCFriendshipBucket which celebrated friendships especially unique/special friendships. This ad with its high emotional quotient is a milestone in social advertising combining with regular advertising for a product. 

There are many such examples all around us, they have impacted our thought process and our purchasing options in their own subtle ways. Tell us about marketing success stories that have touched you in their own way. We would love to listen. 


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Maan joined Salesforce Ecosystem in 2008 with entry of Salesforce in APAC region. He worked on many of the underlying Salesforce Products & it’s functionality, including Heroku, Chatbots, and Einstein before leading Codleo Consulting - Leading Partner of & In his spare time, he immerses himself in travel, books and spirituality.

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