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Congrats!, you got your first interview.  Now you begin the journey to being a working professional and steering India's growth story with your own hands. The process begins with acing the interview or various rounds of interviews with different departments/groups before you are handed the "offer letter" by the HR department. For those who will have their first-ever face to face interview, it can be nerve-racking or tension-filled. The need to make a good first impression sitting heavily on tender shoulders.  To help you make the right impression, the first impression, we have compiled some simple tips which are effective and time tested.

  • Punctual - Be on time for the office interview, In fact get there at least 10 - 15 minutes before to compose yourself, freshen up, drink a glass of water and report to the front office to signal your arrival. Punctuality is a key soft skill that needs to be nurtured/inculcated. Respect the time of others always. In life, it will take you a long way.

  • Research the company - Study the company and the position for which you are offering. Read up and be informed. The interviewers should know that you are keen, aware and prepared. The internet is the best place to get your information.

  • Resume - Make sure you are carrying at least 2 copies of your printed resume, in a plastic folder. The paper should not be stained or crumpled.

  • Grooming - Make sure you have come freshly bathed, applied minimum deo, combed your hair, removed any unwanted nasal/eye hair. Dress formally in closed shoes that are polished. Carry a handkerchief. Ties are not mandatory anymore. Just wear a crisp shirt/blouse paired with trousers/skirt.

  • Eye contact - Always make eye contact with your interviewers especially the person asking the questions.

  • Ask questions - It's always good to ask informed questions if you are given the opportunity. They could pertain to your role, your future, the department, etc. Keep the questions short and simple.

  • Answers - Keep your answers crisp, short, and simple. Don't meander and get off track. Don't try to be a smart alec or give answers to appear over smart/cocky.

  • During the interview - Knock on the door and enter only when allowed in. Do not sit down unless told to. Firmly shake hands with the interviewers. Keep your hands on your knees. Avoid too many hand gestures when speaking.  Keep a light smile on your lips. Always be respectful and courteous. Stay humble always.

  • Post-interview - It's always a good idea to send a short email of Thank you to the company/interviewer for taking their time to meet you etc. Do not bombard them with follow up emails/calls regarding your candidacy. If you don't hear from them in a week, you could send an email or make a call to check the status.

These are some of the steps to bag the job of your choice. Be yourself and appear eager, open-minded and willing to learn. Good luck!

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Rahul Ray

Rahul is a seasoned consultant in travel, transport and hospitality sector subject matter expert with over 20 years of experience and constantly challenging himself to re-define travel distribution and channels, Dedicated Son, Love Nature and Politics both

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