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A loyal customer is worth their weight in gold. This is an informal quote in businesses as they realise the value of each client who has been loyal and even acts as a spokesperson for their brand on social media. But it’s imperative that all businesses recognise this fact and take steps to keep loyal customers happy. There are many ways to do so, according to the Best Salesforce Partners. We are listing 4 of them for today’s blog. Happy reading.

Below are ways to keep loyal customers hooked to your brand, as told by the Top Salesforce Partners:
  • Reward loyalty program members with offers, etc. Everyone loves being valued and prioritised. So, if your brand has a loyalty membership program, use it regularly to keep loyal customers happy and by your side. Make it worth their while, say the Best Salesforce Partners. Win them over with a barrage of options. These include early access to items, quicker shipping, hassle-free returns, free alterations, and a separate checkout line for members. These practices ensure that your loyal or budget-conscious clients stay loyal to you. The VIP experience is becoming quite the talking point. Be it upgrades on planes, platinum credit cards, perks, benefits, and so on. The new-gen shoppers are seeking novel experiences, exclusive access, and limited edition items, as confirmed by the Best Salesforce Partners.

  • Give access to every client’s persona and journey to all brick-and-mortar stores (if any) as well as to the staff. The staff working in the physical stores should have tablets at their disposal. These tablets can be used to pull up data on clients and then use it to serve them in a more personal way. Loyal customers feel more appreciated and valued when staff is aware of their history and makes them feel like kings of the world. Store staff wear different hats nowadays, including that of personal stylists, and service personnel reveal the Best Salesforce Partners. With greater access to client data and engagement, they can do a much better job of keeping people happy in the store. With client history on the tablets, store staff can respond quicker to queries about item availability, find the goods, place orders, monitor deliveries, and do a better job on product returns/exchanges. They can assist clients in locating specific items available in other branches, help them purchase the same, and even arrange for home delivery, etc. Now, isn’t that great client service? 

  • Generative AI and unique campaigns. Be smart and get customers' attention with intelligent messaging that’s relevant and personalised.  Use the data to gain their attention and convert that into sales when they are in a store or about to visit a store or shopping online.  Generative AI combined with a CRM platform thanks to the Best Salesforce Partners — collates client information and converts it into something new. For marketers, generative AI makes it simpler & optimal to curate and automate customised client journeys with content that is enhanced for search.

  • Improve the web experience to deliver superior service. Be smart and use the data at hand to offer discounts/offers/schemes, focused searches on the website, faster checkouts, and a consistent service. For more info, contact the Salesforce Platinum Partners.

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