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Create A Purpose Driven Company


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In business parlance, the purpose of a company is an intangible idea, a thought which is aspirational in nature. It refers to how employees of a business are making a difference through their day to day work, gives them a sense of meaning and gains their support. It could make their work means knowing that their work in a business, a factory, a startup is making an impact on some section of the society in some part of the world. For those who are spiritual and philosophical by nature, the idea of a purpose resonates in the business environment as well.

How to create a purpose-driven company; here are some ways:

Imagine a motivated team. As management and owner, find the hidden gem or gems in your company who are motivated or purpose-driven. They don't simply come for a day's job and earn a few bucks, they are inspired and motivated to make a difference, take ownership. It could be a barista at the coffee shop you own who goes out of his way to keep the customers happy by going the extra mile. It could be a free replacement of coffee or giving a regular free treat of a cinnamon bun. Such people are your gems, use them as examples to motivate others. Nurture such talent.

Discover the company's purpose. Each business has a purpose. you don't need to invent it or get a marketing guru to explain that to you. It can be found through empathy. By this mean, we mean asking, listening, understanding and reflecting. Engage with the employees (top to bottom, all departments) and you might find a common narrative, such as "making a difference" or "being the best in the field". From here, you can get the purpose of your company XYZ.

Be genuine. Let your purpose be from the heart. Don't let it be inauthentic or platitudes. If it is this case, then everyone who is a stakeholder will know that it is fake and thus will not have any impact or bearing on the performance or ownership of any of the employees.  Identify a purpose which is honest and real. Inauthentic expressions are simply hollow words and mean nothing.

Constant messaging. Ensure that your company's purpose is articulated right from the top rung of the management to the lowest on a continuous basis. If the top personnel embody the purpose, it percolates to the lower rungs who are inspired/motivated and will carry it forward. So to make it a success, keep the messaging of the purpose consistent and constant throughout.

Convert managers into leaders. Get the mid-level managers who believe in the purpose and work accordingly, to lead as examples for others to emulate. These managers become ambassadors of change and a role model of authenticity which the company wishes to convey.

Does your company have a purpose which is articulated? If yes, then please do share with us and let us know how it has made an impact on your business and its team members. We are all ears.

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