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In the world of sending emails to people, there's a selection user must make – should you go for your very own special internet address (Dedicated IP) just for emails, or share an address with other senders (Shared IP)? In this blog, we break it down into simple terms to enable you to choose which is relevant for your email campaigns.

What's the Difference Between Dedicated and Shared IP?
  • Dedicated IP: It's like owning a unique home address just for your emails. It is solely yours, giving you control over how your emails are seen and delivered.

  • Shared IP: This is akin to sharing one address with neighbours. Many use the same address, and what one user does can affect everyone's mail delivery.

How Many Emails Are You Sending?
  • Dedicated IP: It is ideal for sending volumes of emails regularly. If you're always sending a bunch of emails, having a Dedicated IP lets you be the boss of your mail reputation without being concerned about others.

  • Shared IP: It is appropriate for sending fewer emails. If your business has few emails all the time, a Shared IP is pocket-friendly for occasional or not-so-regular email campaigns.

Taking Care of Your Email Reputation:
  • Dedicated IP: You manage your reputation. If a good email reputation is of concern to you, a Dedicated IP lets you create & maintain your good reputation.

  • Shared IP: Your reputation is based on the behaviour of everyone sharing the same address. If one person does something bad, it impacts everyone's email delivery.

How Much Money Can You Spend?
  • Dedicated IP: It is costly. If the business is fine with spending more for a customised email reputation, a Dedicated IP is good.

  • Shared IP: It is a pocket-friendly option. If the business is on a budget, a Shared IP handled by the email service provider is the way to go.

Do You Like Controlling Things?
  • Dedicated IP: You are in control of everything. If you like having control over how often you send emails and other details, a Dedicated IP is just right for you and your company.

  • Shared IP: Less control, but simpler. If you want a hands-off approach and let your email service provider handle things, a Shared IP makes life simpler.

Summing up, choosing between a Dedicated or Shared IP is about the volume of emails, spending budget for this purpose, exercising control, and how important your email reputation is. If you send bulk emails and want control, go for a Dedicated IP. If you're on a budget and send emails occasionally, a Shared IP is fine. Picking what fits your email style will help your emails stand out without costing a fortune.

About the Author

Mukul Gulati

Mukul Gulati is a 7x Salesforce certified Admin specialist with an experience of 5 years in the Salesforce ecosystem. He currently heads a team of admins and is extensively involved in client engagement & problem solving.

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