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Listen attentively to social media chatter


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Social media marketing is a powerful tool for all brands to spread their messaging and appeal, with less financial investment as compared to traditional avenues of advertising. In this blog, we reveal some tips / suggestions on how to be “the master of social media marketing”.  

Here are some ways to be successful in social media marketing: 

  1. Know your target audience and listen to their conversations. As a seller of products and services, the company must be aware of its targeted consumer base. This is the first step in the whole journey as a provider. Once you know who your consumers are, discover the online spaces where they spend maximum time. Invest time and money in those social spaces and listen to their conversations and brand mentions. Be selective on the social media platforms you are joining or listening to conversations, there are plenty of platforms nowadays. Our advice to be selective in the platforms you wish to use as a “listening device”. Some tools to listen in include Technorati, Google Blog Search, Ice Rocket, Bloglines , Twitter Search. Other tools include Radian6 and Techrigy. Be on these platforms, listen and jot down pointers. 

  1. Join social media chit chat. Engage manpower to follow social media platforms, pay attention to posts on your company, good or bad. If there are bad posts or conversations, engage and find the issues leading to these negative vibes, apologise, make amends and win people over with your excellent customer services. If the overall posts are positive, engage extensively and keep the “happy customers” ever happier with your time & effort. You will be rewarded. You are laying the foundation for “unofficial brand envoys” who will spread the good word and create a storm for your brand. 

  2. Churn out regular content for social media platforms. To be the master of this social media game, there is one rule – be nauseatingly regular with social media posts. The more content put out, the more traffic comes your way, to your website and you’re shopping channels. So, get down to clicking eye catching pictures for Instagram, informative posts on Facebook, and messaging on Twitter. So now you know quantity and quality of posts is very important to win the hearts & minds of social media followers especially the young generations who spend a lot of time on these platforms such as YouTube. YouTube= short n snappy videos which are engaging and relevant, fun yet educational albeit in an informal tone. 

  3. Know the tools of social media. The leading social media platforms are great ways to reach out and extend brand messaging & influence. However, to use them effectively they need to be understood.  For example, the current Twitter character limit is 280. Therefore “how to” etc information is better put on YouTube videos. LinkedIn is ideal for business engagement and networking. Instagram should be image oriented with a good story / punch line. Learn how to use them effectively to be the master of social media marketing. 

  4. Website analytics software to gauge leads & sales. Tacking codes, a solid analytics package, and closed loop marketing should be utilised to track the website visitors, prospects, and sales that are a result of your social media marketing. This way the brand knows what is working and what is not. Better planning is the net result, leading to effective and relevant outreach to various targeted segments.

About the Author

Akansha Singh

Akansha is a Digital Consultant that having rich experience in SEO, PPC, eCommerce and Social Media Marketing. Her main forte is to help you grow your business through strategy and planning. She is a keen learner and feels it is important to keep yourself updated in the ever-evolving digital world.

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