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Salesforce Staff Augmentation Services


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Companies in the 21st century have wisened up to the idea that work can be achieved satisfactorily without hiring staff and inflating the company’s overhead costs. The concept of getting work done without onboarding employees is gaining traction by the day as companies see the merit of the same. In this blog, we explore two concepts of outsourcing work to third-party vendors. These concepts are – managed services and staff augmentation services. Let's examine each of them as part of Salesforce staffing services.

Staff augmentation - This refers to an outsourcing business model where businesses temporarily contract external talent to quickly augment the strength of their resources. They can utilise onshore, nearshore, and offshore talent and onboard / offboard personnel based on demand. In the IT industry, companies use staff augmentation for various stages of the development process, including programming, workflow optimization, quality assurance, or quality control. As a consequence, companies can overcome road bumps, acquire important skills that may not be present in the team, meet cost & time estimations, address bugs, and hasten product launch from lab to market. 

Managed services - it is an outsourcing business model where firms delegate specific functions to a third-party company, called a managed services provider or MSP. Businesses can outsource any work to these managed service providers. It could be cybersecurity, data migration, database administration, or even software development. Managed service providers or companies work independently in the realm of Salesforce staffing services. They work on their own premises offering quotes for services and the duration of the work. They maintain constant communication with their clients.

Advantages of Staff Augmentation Services:
  1. Flexibility – Relevant personnel can be added or reduced to the team as per the requirements in real-time.

  2. Pick and choose the personnel – Get access that meets your needs for the job (skills or experience or certifications etc)

  3. Smooth integration of personnel – Since the outsourced personnel and your in-house team work as one, onboarding and assimilation are quick.

  4. Access to skills at a lower price – Compared to hiring a full-time professional or more, companies save time, energy, and cost by Salesforce staffing services. There is no cost of training or certifications involved as they already come with the same at the time of contract signing.

  5. Businesses have complete project/work control - As the personnel provides work with the business as their own employee, the business is in control over everything from schedules, processes, quality, and even deadlines. No worry over unexpected surprises along the way.

  6. Less chaos and management challenges - As a company, lower costs, risks, and liabilities associated with hiring and maintaining personnel is a great benefit.

Advantages of Managed services:
  1. Access to a range of skills – Get access to a whole team with skills and certifications needed instantly. They have all the tools, resources, and technologies needed to begin delivering as per expectations.

  2. Focus on managing and growing the business – With Salesforce staffing services at your disposal, the management and employees are focused on their core business tasks and processes. They can devote their energy to growth instead of focusing on IT related non core tasks.

  3. Save on training time, energy, and costs.

  4. Save on hiring and rehiring process – With an external team taking care of work, all the associate issues and expenses of hiring and rehiring are absent. Isn't that great?


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Akansha Singh

Akansha is a Digital Consultant having rich experience in Organic as well as Paid Marketing, Marketing Automation, Lead Generation, Email Marketing and also in Social Media Management. Her main forte is to help you grow your business through strategy and planning.

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