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Curating The Ideal Sales Pitch


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"Solve customer problems and make sure that the customer is representative of a large market and then you will have a pretty good formula." – Quote by Melanie Perkins

In brief, a sales pitch is a sales presentation, however in a more abbreviated manner.  It is an excellent method of delivering a product, service, or idea to a customer with time being of the essence. For those of you who have watched the successful “ Emily in Paris “ series on Netflix, you would have viewed the team at Savoir making sales pitch to clients / prospective clients in their office in Paris. A sales pitch can be used to promote a new item or service to a distributor and so on.  Alternatively, it is used by professionals to market its services to prospective clients. Sales pitches/presentations can be used by a whole gamut of professionals like we do in Codleo for prospective clients be it in the realm of CRM or digital marketing services.

A good marketing/sales team will convince their customer with intriguing messaging that compels them to ask for more information and they see value in the whole idea. A sales pitch sets the tone for detailed conversations and the exchange of ideas between the client and the business.

Curating the ideal sales pitch is made possible with the following:

  • The first slide should have the ‘ wow ‘ factor that attracts the attention of the client. With a catchy punch line and visuals, it’s a good way to set the tone for what’s to come thereafter. Words should be as less as possible but the emphasis has to be on the imagery.

  • Be focused and to the point. For sales pitches, no one has time to waste.  Hence being direct & transparent is the need of the hour. Get to the point as quickly and simply as you can. What are you offering? What do you expect in return (if at all)? You get the drift.

  • The pitch should contain value and solutions. Are your product/service of use to anyone? Is it solving an issue or challenge faced by others? You could be pitching a solution for a problem you notice people around you face and you came up with a great or innovative solution. Research & study is the seed of launching any new product/service that has value and will be a hot–seller. R&D is best left for another blog, another day, what say, dear readers???

  • Give subtle proof of previous work done (and success of it). This could assume various forms such as testimonials of current clients,   R & Data results that support the pitch, as well as contrasting / differentiation between your offering and those already in the market.

  • End the pitch with a decisive CTA. CTA or Call to action refers to the desired step/action that a company (or any of its relevant teams) wants from its audience/prospects/clients. A CTA makes a pitch more definitive & purposeful as well as ensures that the client/lead is hooked.

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