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CRM Trends For 2022 And Beyond


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Our blog series is a medium of keeping its band of loyal readers abreast of all developments in the field of CRM etc. In this blog, therefore we have compiled some trends that will most likely be hot / centre stage in 2022. Care to know more about it? Do read on.

These are the hottest trends pertaining to the CRM domain:

  • AI and CRM synergy. The rapid march of Artificial Intelligence in various aspects of our life is here to say. Alexa / Siri are simple day to day examples of how AI is entering into the lives of humans. It's been recorded that CRM and AI coming together means a boost to businesses of all shapes and sizes. AI converts mundane tasks performed by humans into automated processes, results in improved productivity. The use of AI in conjunction with CRM to make companies a well-oiled juggernaut is going to be a hot trend for years to come.

  • Reduction in tech tools. With state of the art CRM etc, companies need to invest and use less tech tools. Integration between tools and two ways sync is a hot trend. Thus, teams won't need to have an array of tech tools, just a small collation of smart ones. This also means less financial and human investment.

  • Smart voice based technology. Another hot topic in Tech and corporate companies is the advancement and use of voice based technology. A recent survey showed that over 85% of users are gung - Ho about voice tech as compared to others. Integration of voice tech is great for companies as it will enable tasks to be performed in a more efficient manner. The future will see CRMs with voice assistants & conversational tech apps.

  • Linkage with IoT. 2022 will see a large scale adoption of IoT tech as businesses would enhance the use of information collated by IoT to transform client experiences and build closer bonds. The CRMs of the future will use this by joining connections to IoT feeds from their devices.  With IoT and CRM shaking hands, a business would be able to get alerted to possible threats and performance defects. IoT is ideal in customer services and with its technologies brands can excel in customer delight and retain them as loyal brand ambassadors.

  • Clients want businesses to have their details, profiles and history for use. People are sticking by companies who have their history and are using it for all correspondence and offerings that are relevant & personalised. A CRM as part of a mega tech stack is the solution for this issue. CRM allows all data of each lead & client during their journey with you to be recorded and available for use, as and when.

  • Self service gains centre stage. CRMs and AI are coming together to allow clients to solve their problems and questions without waiting in telephone queues of customer care departments to speak to service agents.

  • Mobile CRM. With people on the field and working from home, CRMs on all electrotonic devices that can be used anytime and anywhere is now mandatory for all businesses. It allows of flexibility of work and makes life easier for all staff.

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