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NGO employees can plan their day better


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Salesforce, the number one CRM in the world has a solution for all industries and verticals. It even has created space to include non-profit organisations and charities to enable them to perform better. One of the ways that Salesforce for NGO is supporting them is by offering its software for free for up to 10 users at any non-profit organization that signs up with them. After 10 users, it is a paid sign-up. This move reduces the financial burden on these organisations though customisation comes at a price. Plus, The Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (also known as NPSP) is a free solution designed by Salesforce to organize the objects and fields of the CRM for the unique needs of nonprofits. It’s a preconfigured solution that helps nonprofits track donor accounts, contacts, potential opportunities, and fundraising campaigns. Salesforce NPSP Consultants like Codleo ensure that Salesforce for NGO is a super success at all times.  

In this blog, we are looking at one particular feature of Salesforce NPSP i.e. case management.  It allows service providers to know where exactly where a customer is in their lifecycle through an NGO’s programs and leads them on the journey. Having everything in one unified tool allows service providers to take care of the workload while ensuring individualised care, so that everyone benefits including those in the last mile connectivity. 

The Features & Benefits of Case management include: 

  • Ease the process to add people as beneficiaries or alternatively refer them to other NGOs who deal in the same domain. An NGO can minimise the time spent to enroll the needy as their customers. Streamline the processes with pre-configured templates that vary based on the nature of the program and commence services or refer them to other NGOs in case by any chance your particular NGO is unable to do the same, for any reason.


  • The Case Manager Home Page gives the employees an overview of upcoming customer interactions, tasks, or issues that need to be tackled on a priority basis. Thus, each person gets clarity on each day and what is expected from them. 

  • Case notes are essential in an employee’s daily operations and the Case Management feature is geared to make it as easy as possible. Service providers can draft notes from pre-configured templates that vary by the program to free them from memorising / remembering information pertaining to each note. These notes can be saved in draft and re-visited as and when for usage or amending.  

  • Updation of records of clients is simplified thanks to sorted lists. Searching for clients are made easy with different fields such as name, client ID, or birth date. 

  • Save time and manual data entry when establishing recurring services for groups or specific people and monitoring attendance. 

  • NGOs time and resources are precious, which needs to be carefully allocated to beneficiaries.  Data can be used to gain insights and make reports on fund usage and beneficiaries' details, which is useful to provide to funding agencies and donors. This can be done via Tableau Starter Dashboards for Program Management.

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