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"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value." quote by the late Albert Einstein.

Companies that are planning or have recently taken the great decision to onboard a CRM like Salesforce should know that deployment of the tool is the first step in their Salesforce journey. After the training of users comes the much-needed Salesforce support services. We have already listed in our previous blogs why a company needs to sign up for Salesforce support services. So, we are not going to dwell on that topic today. Our topic is the pertinent issue of the best Salesforce support service provider. What are the qualities that a Salesforce support partner should have? 

These are the qualities to look out for in the best Salesforce support service provider:
  1. Salesforce partner who is a licensed SFDC partner. Only begin consultations with companies that are registered with the national Salesforce office as partners. Beware of companies that pass off as licensed Salesforce partners. Due to your due diligence or risk falling prey to fraud.

  2. Salesforce partner who is a Summit Tier partner. There are many partner companies worldwide. But only 10% of these make it to the summit of the tier system constructed by Salesforce, Inc. These Summit-tier SFDC partners are the best of the best. By working with such a Salesforce partner, you are assured of being in the best hands and your Salesforce support services are looked after smoothly and seamlessly.

  3. The Salesforce partner has a dedicated support team. Not every company has a dedicated team for support services. Codleo does and we are very proud of this. Our team works around the clock and is staffed by certified & experienced experts. So, when seeking Salesforce support services from a Salesforce partner, ask the right questions. If they don’t have a dedicated team, then it’s not worth your penny.

  4. Community/Client portal.  The ideal Salesforce partner offering Salesforce support services must have a client/community portal where clients can visit to register tickets and complaints, monitor the progress of each assigned ticket, communicate, and see progress made. This ensures communication and collaboration, as well as transparency. Isn’t that great?  Codleo is ideal for Salesforce support services as it is one of the few Salesforce partners which has a dedicated community portal that is active and dynamic.

  5. Recommended by professional contacts or regional Salesforce office. Ask around. Contact your regional Salesforce office for suggestions. They are the best source for finding the right Best Salesforce Partner just for you. You will end up getting good names.

For Salesforce support services of the highest quality, partnering with Codleo Consulting makes sense. Connect today and let’s talk details & pricing. Our Sales team is standing by to engage. Have a rocking day.

About the Author

Mukul Gulati

Mukul Gulati is a 7x Salesforce certified Admin specialist with an experience of 5 years in the Salesforce ecosystem. He currently heads a team of admins and is extensively involved in client engagement & problem solving.

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