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best project management blogs to read

6 Best Project Management Blogs To Read

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6 Best Project Management Blogs To Read

For all of you who work in project management, life is a process of continuous learning in the form of new technologies & practices to improve work processes and make life easier. There is so much information out there in the form of articles, blogs, and papers on project management that any sane person would be confused. Therefore, to help all of you, we have compiled a list of the Best project management blogs currently churning out information that is deemed useful for all and makes for interesting reading. So, let's get down to it. 

Some of the Best project management blogs are: - We kick off the list with this blog. It is a community resource about empowering project managers in all domains. It contains "how to do " articles, news pertaining to certification, and so on. It has information submitted by a whole bunch of project managers and experts on different topics. It is a sea of information. 
A Girl’s Guide to Project Management - This blog is different in the sense it gives a lady manager's perspective on a whole gamut of issues. It is the baby of Elizabeth Herrin, a project management expert. It is an initiative on her part to educate and help others. The blog has news updates, her opinions, and views on various aspects of project management. It is meant to encourage more women to join the league of project managers of which there is a wide deficit. It is interesting to read and should be a part of browsing ticks of everyone, not just ladies. 
Productivity Land - The blog to read while sipping a steaming mug of coffee on a sultry day in the office is this. It doles out information on productivity and project management software.  Reviews of different apps and tools, articles, and are more are here for the reading. It is a good read for getting up to date with information on tech in this domain. 
Capterra Project Management - This good blog churns out detailed information on various tools used in project management along with reviews, reports, and information on locating the right software (such as project management app) for a business/user in over 500 categories. Insights and other details make it a knowledge base worthy of consideration. - Run by Margaret M, it doles out advice in the form of tips and tricks to manage projects in a better way, so it is worthy of a read of students and those already in the line of work. It provides reliable solutions for various challenges faced by a professional in the project management domain. 

nTask Project Management - Read this blog to obtain knowledge of Agile software development. It has lots of information on productivity, collaboration, management tools, and project management. It is another good resource of persons who work on agile such as project managers and developers. 


There are many good blogs out there giving information on various aspects of PM such as project management app etc. This is only a selective list prepared for you. If there are any blogs you recommend, please share its details with us.

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