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Client expectations are changing rapidly, and businesses need to adapt to meet this situation. The future of client service begins with gathering knowledge on what clients expect from the brands of their choice: a seamless and continuously connected experience. However, an economic downturn/recession means that companies hunker down on financial efficiency and service productivity. Juggling this with changing client needs makes issues such as data silos and disconnected service channels urgent to resolve. Digital transformation is coming to the rescue of service organisations thanks to customised & empathetic engagement with clients crafted by Salesforce platinum partners.  Upgrading client service to obtain a holistic view of each client’s journey enables companies to save time & money by removing expensive and inefficient processes. With an organised approach, the service team can deliver the superior service that clients demand, with the help of Salesforce platinum partners.

Below are 3 ways to deliver superior client service as per Salesforce platinum partners:
  • Enhanced client service: Superior client service is a business’s best safeguard and insurance policy against economic headwinds. In the 21st century, client service is the deciding factor when it comes to dealing/engaging with a business or a brand. Service is king and has no rival. Every interaction, engagement, and response has a bearing on the client’s perception of a business. Companies must deliver superior experiences for clients while operations are robust, efficient, and expenditure minimal. Clients don’t want long qualifying queries without human correspondence; they want to be valued for themselves as human beings. Clients demand self-service tools for small queries, but when it comes to complex needs and questions, they demand smart human intervention that is informed, sensitive, and performance-driven.  In the end, it’s all about providing your client base with the service channel options and the ones that they wish to engage with. Let’s deliver the best service thanks to Salesforce platinum partners and keep them by your side.

  • Automation has no equivalence. In times of economic crisis, reducing expenditures is a top priority for all. This leads to an air of efficiency. The contact center team must optimise processes with automation. Partnering with a leading IT Salesforce platinum partner is an excellent way for businesses to automate routine & workflow processes, and research shows it’s worked well. A majority of the decision-makers who join hands with IT have saved this partnership has reduced their overall costs, and 80% say it has led to a quicker entry into the market for the latest tech solutions. Process automation is de rigeur for over 60% of service organisations, and its benefits are for all to see.

  • Constant connection is desired. Clients demand and deserve a smooth, connected experience, via different channels. This begins at the contact center and Salesforce platinum partners. It’s been established that the more connected the service team is with other departments, the more connected the client is.  Salesforce platinum partners and service personnel state that clients are relying more on digital channels, self-service, and cell phone are always tops.

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Rahul is a seasoned consultant in travel, transport and hospitality sector subject matter expert with over 20 years of experience and constantly challenging himself to re-define travel distribution and channels, Dedicated Son, Love Nature and Politics both

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