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"Being the best at whatever talent you have, that's what stimulates life." - Quote by the late Tom Landry, American professional football player and coach.

If you are a Salesforce administrator, it is the first step in the long ladder of career success. Being good in your chosen of life should give way to "very good" and "best" so that your name goes beyond your workplace, into the larger Salesforce universe in your state . Here we have assembled three ways to be a better Salesforce administrator

Here are three ways to be a better Salesforce administrator:

Always be a student - Always be in the student mode / frame of mind. Keep learning and growing. Education or learning never ends, there is no full stop in life. Keep studying for various Salesforce certifications and keep improving your credentials. The more certifications you have, the better you are at your work, the better enabler for your clients and the more job opportunities swing your way. These certifications empower you to speak and work from a position of knowledge and authority.  Certifications in the Salesforce universe is important and cannot be considered lightly. And yes, its true certifications are not easy to get. Its hard work. It does however give you a good career and make a difference.

Eye on the future - If you wish to leave a mark as an administrator, it is important to be a visionary. Look beyond tomorrow and it will help you in your career. To avoid the situation of a system being created with bandages and replete with technical debt, start by burrowing into the “why” behind the need. What your clients say they want isn’t always what they need. Once you find out the real reasons for particular client needs and have mulled over the solutions and their long term implications, document the conclusion arrived at as well as your build. Salesforce offers varied ways to document within your org and you must make use of them. Use the details and description fields Salesforce offers for Actions, Objects, Processes, Reports, and many other features.

Be the owner of your salesforce org - The realisation that you are the owner of your salesforce org is important and empowering. It doesn't belong to Salesforce, your implementation partner, your management or even your colleagues. It's yours. Your org is yours to nurture and build upon. You have the option to decline changes requested to your org. Use your org as per what you see is relevant, required and right for you. Salesforce has an impression on the Sales, Marketing, Support, and IT (as well as other departments), so there should be a knowledgeable person from each department assisting to channel corrections to the org.

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