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Be Successful In Your Career With These Relationships


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In life as a professional, one forms many associations and relationships. Some of them are structured and offer you a journey of learning, growth, and satisfaction. In this blog, we look at 4 of them and how they aid in your career journey.

Listed below are the relationships needed in one’s career in order to be successful:

Mentor – At the beginning of everyone’s professional career, it is important to seek out a mentor. A mentor is someone who guides and teaches you. The mentor does not need to be from your organisation or even from your industry (though it is preferable).  They play a stellar role in increasing the knowledge bank related to your work domain / role, handling tough conversations, being a good listener, and providing much needed support & encouragement during the low / dark days. They are mature, sensible, and smart professionals that have made a mark in life and career. A mentor helps in your growth both personally and professionally. Do keep in mind that potential mentors have to be sought out as they may not be agreeable or busy in their lives. Mentoring needs commitment from both sides especially from the mentor as they have to make time available. Reach out via email, social media or instant messengers and wait for a response.  If they respond set up a meeting and take it from there.

Sponsor – These are seniors in your industry / organisation who can be vocal on your behalf as well provide growth opportunities. Internally, sponsors advocate on your behalf in management discussions / debates.  They are the people in your corner of the ‘ boxing ‘ ring. In order to find a sponsor informally / formally in the organisation means being hard working, smart, and diligent to be noticed by the seniors. Be good at work and get noticed. Sponsors are always hard to find and get on board. Either they come to you recognising your work or get your mentor to introduce you to someone. However you are introduced to one, your first meeting should be purposeful.  Question them on their career journey, work, interests, and so on. This is the opportunity to build a bond and rapport that will aid your career growth in the company.

Partner – It is a mutually beneficial relationship of two professionals at the same level / age etc. They are driven by the desire to succeed and tend to be very transaction-based. Don’t assume a partner at work is your best friend or an ally. A partner is a listener, a person to work with to solve issues, and someone to increase your professional connections. Begin the search by batting for other people and their work, someone who is on the same career trajectory as you and has the same goals in mind.

Mentee – When you have many years as a professional, then it’s time to take on the role of a mentor to a young person – a mentee. It is your role to be a teacher and sharpen your skills by sharing them with youngsters. By being a mentor, you become a subject expert. Do yourself a favour and become a mentor to a mentee. Soft skills that are burnished include communication, empathy, and so on. This can be achieved by seeking out mentee(s) from the pool of interns / trainees in your organisation provided you are interested & have time to devote to them on a regular basis.

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