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Areas For Automation In Procurement That Simplify Life Part 2


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Running a business doesn't have to mean long hours of work, it just means being smart.  If more can be achieved in less hours thanks to automation of tasks & processes, then spending hours in mundane & repetitive task, isn't that great? It has so many benefits with employee satisfaction being on top of the agenda.  Let's resume our 2nd part of the two-part blog. We hope the 1st part of the blog - topic made for an interesting read.

Recruitment process - Automation of the recruitment process is a big relief for the company & its recruitment / HR team. It also makes the overall experience for the candidates and finally recruitees smoother.  The time needed to fill posts is reduced. Filters can be used to effectively weed out unsuitable candidates thus reducing the pool of candidates that are worthy of the interview process. Almost the entire HR process is up for grabs. The company can post jobs, track applicants, schedule interviews, and engage with candidates along the journey.

Digital signatures - Digitalising and automation of signatures may seem like a very trivial task requiring automation but it helps save time, Plus it does away with the need for signatures of every small approval etc.  By removing the requirement for manual processes, staff members at any grade can automatically sign off on requests quickly.

Processing Paper Documents - Intelligent document processing (IDP) modified unstructured or semi-structured documents into usable information for your firm. Unfortunately, most documents in most businesses are unstructured. Scanning documents and using IDP to gather information is the way to go forward.

Vendor Recertification - Automating vendor/supplier recertification is important to prevent compliance or legal issues that may disrupt your procurement team.  With this automation, every vendor you work with meets business & legal standards.

Self-Service Management - Automation of this process is welcomed by company employees. They can order products & services required by them without having to wait long periods.  Thus, if the request is within the company's finances and necessary for the performance of any task / chore / activity, then it should be getting the approval without constant reminders or requests. This leads to less disaffection from employees in any department.

RFP/Bid Processes - Selection process of vendors manually is a cumbersome and mundane activity. It includes drafting a proposal, shortlisting appropriate vendors, engage with them and review responses. This is a process that can last for weeks. Plus, it is a repetitive affair. By automating the RFP process, proposals can be dispatched in a speedy manner using templates and follow up with vendors with automated responses becomes quicker too. You are able to compare the bids  of various vendors on a screen to gauge the best one for each need.

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