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Chatbots handle mundane tasks


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What do Siri, Amazon product recommendations and Waze have in common? Any guesses? If no, the answer is Artificial Intelligence or simply put AI. These three are examples of AI in our daily lives. All of us who are using a computer, smart phone, or other smart device is already using AI without realising it. Siri is your personal assistant using voice processing while Amazon suggests products using machine learning algorithms. Let’s understand what Artificial Intelligence is in simple layman words. It refers to the concept where machines “think like human beings”.  Machines are able to perform tasks like reasoning, planning, learning, and understanding language.  It works on a technology known as “machine learning”. Machine learning is the concept of having computers learns from data with minimal programming. This is not to say that AI is going to replace humans and their brains anytime soon.  It just makes our jobs easier and productive. 

AI enables brands to aid clients to find solutions and quick service for their questions etc It is here that we refer to chatbots. We all must be familiar with chatbots and encountered them on various websites.  Do you know that the commonly used word "chatbot" is actually obtained from two words - chat robot.  It is a computer program that replicates human conversations, whether a voice or text interaction. Nowadays chatbots are becoming a common feature in our lives without us realising the same. They are being used in a variety of ways such as: 

⦁ Communication via smart speakers 

⦁ Function on smart home devices 

⦁ Function via popular messaging platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook messenger service 

Chatbots are heavily being deployed on websites to act as an initial interface with leads & clients who have questions and issues. They tackle the basic ones, and in case there are some which need human intervention then they are directed to the concerned team for handling. Thus they settle many mundane questions and leave other vital tasks to human employees to handle. With the mundane questions like product specifications, return an item, store timings, and location, etc handled quickly and efficiently, it leads to less pressure on humans, customer satisfaction, less waiting on calls, etc, and more sales. Chatbots and AI are allies of employees, not rivals.

Chatbots can direct queries and offer suggestions & offers, thus evoking a better shopping online experience for your customers & leads. Time for the retail industry (with their digital tools & resources) to utilise AI and chatbots to engage leads and with intelligent service up to their sales, revenue, and customer delight. Let AI be your primary source of sales and Codleo be your partner in the journey to AI and chatbots.

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Vineet Rana

Vineet Rana is the digital marketing manager in the #Awesome team at Codleo. He is passionate about all things branding, and his mission is to get amazing content out to everyone as much as possible. When He is not online, he loves cooking, lifting weights, and hiking in the Himalayas with his friends.

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