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The type & size of fonts are important considerations.


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Design is the key to attracting eyeballs and gain an audience. A good and well-designed social media post (image, video or still) is your calling card. Let it be so good that it remains imprinted in the mind of the viewers for a long time. Make it stand out; make it unique with design elements. In this blog, we are looking at 6 design elements that you need in your kitty to create aesthetically pleasing with a “wow” factor. 

Colour. The thumb rule is to have one primary colour as the main focus with 3- 4 colours as the supporting ones (similar to a supporting cast in a movie or series). Don’t bring in too many colours; this is enough, no point getting too distracting. The colours in the post should match the colours of the company logo/design or be an extension of their brand & personality. In this sense, there should be synergy.  

Shapes. They help to give a visual foundation to your messaging and showcase elements such as “ call to action “ also known as CTA.  Different shapes have varied meanings. For example, Rectangles convey a formal and practical look.  Circles or curved shapes are perceived as being friendly.  Irregular shapes are in vogue to demonstrate natural flows & movements. 

Composition. The layout of all the elements in your social media post/video enables your audience to understand your message. The design doesn’t only mean beautiful to look at, it also refers to the post being practical.  As a thumb of rule, the main message should be at the top, bigger and highlighted than the remainder of the information that should be placed in descending order. Headers and texts placed inside shapes aid in conveying information. Another tip – use grids that act as the foundation for the post. 

Font. The font used is as important in conveying the message as are colours and shapes.  Sticking to one font is ideal, to begin with as the main font to convey the brand identity, then a second font may be used for the remainder of the post. The spacing between letters and lines, size, colour, and line length are important considerations while composing social media posts. 

Alignment. Careful thought must be given to the right placement of the written words and pictures especially when making websites. Grids provide a clean, logical, eye-catching alignment. Text placed in the centre is ideal for headlines / primary text with left-aligned text being the simplest to read. Once you have decided the text alignment/placement follow it up with the placement of the images/ graphics.  

White space.  It refers to the empty space which surrounds a picture or written words. This is important visually. Less white space leads to visual stuffing or the feeling of cramped. The right amount of white space must be used in any form of messaging, not too much or little. Just go with the flow, there are no rules cast in iron. 

We hoped the above information will help digital marketers in creating the ideal websites/posts/advertisements and so on. A few simple rules and you are on your way to creative nirvana.

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Akansha Singh

Akansha is a Digital Consultant that having rich experience in SEO, PPC, eCommerce and Social Media Marketing. Her main forte is to help you grow your business through strategy and planning. She is a keen learner and feels it is important to keep yourself updated in the ever-evolving digital world.

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