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Client satisfaction is an elusive mantra that all companies want but do not do enough to build and nurture. Therefore, we have undertaken it upon ourselves to remind the business community especially those who deal in B2C business, how they can go about doing the same with some good practices. Let’s read some of these ways that any business can be in the hearts and minds of their customers.

The 5 ways to nurture client satisfaction are:
  1. Offers via a loyalty program.  Client loyalty programs offer clients incentives to keep engaging and procuring goods or services from a brand. Some popular methods include providing special discounts or rewards to loyalty program members, offering members with early access to new goods or services, and offering customised client services. By investing in such loyalty programs, companies can enhance client lifetime value & build a robust relationship with their clients.

  2. Interact with audiences on social media channels.  Social media is not just a convenient platform to disseminate Information. It can be an excellent way to engage with leads and audiences who are attracted or are consumers of the brand. A dedicated team member or department needs to focus on the conversations that happen on their social channels. Be it negative or positive comments, engagement is required. Turn negative into positive and nurture the positive conversations etc. People expect their brands to be responsive and proactive on all platforms.

  3. Focus on enhancing client service. Businesses are the recipients of customer loyalty by delivering superior client service. Quick and sensitive client service, honest and transparent costs, keeping to your promised words, and going above and beyond the call of duty all assist in living up to high standards of customer expectations. The need of customer service is required if companies wish to grow at a larger scale and build their brand.

  4. Customise communication. Bring a personal touch to communications by customising messaging that is relevant to a client’s preferences. This can take the form of special offers based on goods a client has previously purchased or wowed with anniversary or birthday discounts. With this strategy, businesses build a strong relationship with clients, resulting in enhanced delight and loyalty. No more cookie-cutter approach. Customisation of communication is no longer an option. Audiences want to feel special by the brands of choice.

  5. Nurture an emotional connection.  In a popular survey, over 40% of the respondents said that an emotional connection was the biggest engine of a business’s value. Building an emotional connection is important to nurturing client loyalty. Clients buy from companies and brands that deliver positive experiences, can identify with, and support for a valid reason.  Nurturing emotional attachment requires ad campaigns, community, and brand culture that has values that are in sync with the client’s values such as fair trade, sustainability, veganism, and so on.

An excellent way to rope in tech for this purpose is via the monday sales CRM that provides companies with a space to handle & evaluate company-wide client loyalty strategies via different features. Contact us to know more on

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