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2021 besides being the year of vaccines and deliverance hopefully from the Covid 19 vaccine will also see new tech trends, as well as others, seeing more prominence. So, we have put together some trends in tech for 2021 which will see a major focus around the world. Let's read more about them.

Here are the top technological trends for 2021: 

  • Edge Artificial Intelligence – This is considered to be the next chapter in the journey / life of Artificial Intelligence or AI. It refers to a network infrastructure that allows AI algorithms to run on the fringes of a network, meaning in proximity to or even on the devices collecting the data. The drastic changes in network traffic thanks to covid – 19 pandemic and the move to “working from home” is likely to hasten the move towards edge computing. The advantages of edge computing include saving the bandwidth and enhancing efficiency by processing information near to the users and devices that require it, rather then send the raw data for processing in central locations in the cloud. 

  • 5G – The fifth generation of cell network otherwise known as 5G, will lead to  global economic output of USD 13 trillion and generate 22 million jobs by 2035 worldwide. With the capacity of meeting the energy needs of millions of connections to data-intensive applications, 5G is expected to enhance the manufacturing industry with novel and super digital capabilities. It's expected to be 100 times faster in speed than the current 4G. 5G could even lead us to a period of large machine-type communication (i.e. communication between machines). 5G is reliable, stable and constant thus allowing smooth work anywhere, anytime.  

  • Cyber security – As per Interpol the international policing agency, the current pandemic has emboldened cybercriminals to increase their attacks. In this scenario, companies need to enhance their cybersecurity. However, only 25% of the companies meet the necessary requirements to keep their companies safe as per a survey conducted in 2020. It is thus imperative that all companies pull up their socks to create a lasting strong digital company. The need to protect all types of valuable data and information mandates this. 

  • Health data is big – The data market in the health vertical is big and can be considered gold for some. The industry has a great opportunity to use various digital tools and technologies to overhaul patient care. The engagement with the patients and their families is refined, enhanced leading to patient loyalty and an upward swing in the finances of the health care platforms. 

  • No food wastage and tech – As we all know around 30% of the food is lost or discarded as per the United Nation’s FAO. This is despite millions going hungry every day across the world. It’s time to act. Tech is now being harnessed to improve food security and cut back on the waste by different businesses. Many such companies and apps are sprouting, even in India, to ensure going into stomachs and not the bins.

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