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Project managers guide businesses to success


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A project manager is a captain who steers small or large complex projects. A skilled PM is able to find, review & handle risks, while on a project. He is capable of making the required changes in a holistic manner. He does this by bringing all stakeholders together and working in tandem. Project managers by their scope of work are an asset for any business that needs their services. They enable businesses to deftly handle all sorts of upfront risks. In this blog, we look at compelling reasons for youngsters to take up project management as a profession. 

Below are the top reasons for choosing project management as a career: 

  • Career prospects are bright. Project management jobs or those that require possession of such a skill set are on the rise. The demand is only going to increase over time. So for those who wish to make their career in a role that offers plenty of opportunities, you know what to opt for. 

  • Good wages. Project managers because of their value and skillset command a very handsome pay packet. Their work being complex in nature demands good compensation.  

  • Focus on interaction with other people. If you are a friendly person and enjoy dealing / managing other people then project management is the right career for you. Project managers are skilled / apt at managing relationships with other stake holders. 

  • Travelling for work. If your company is large scale and has projects nationally / internationally then you will get a chance to travel, explore new places and meet people of different cultures, etc. If you are a traveler by heart, PM as a career can lead to travel as a perk. Note – all PM jobs do not offer this benefit. 

  • Flexible schedules. Though project management work can be quite demanding. It does offer scope for flexible hours of working. This is a pre – requisite for maintaining work –life balance. Project managers are working remotely and yet perform. You could be sitting in a Himalayan cottage at Lansdowne or a seaside shack in Goa, yet perform optimally. With a host of tech tools at hand to make project management a piece of cake such as ProjecLeo app, PM is no longer requiring all team members to work from one brick and mortar building.  

  • Employment in various industries and sectors. Since projects and project management is required in a diverse range of industries, anyone seeking to make PM their career will find a host of opportunities. Plus, they also get exposure to varied work scenarios. So there is no dearth of opportunities for project managers. 

  • Risk manager. Project managers also perform as risk managers. They enable businesses to pinpoint potential risks while working on a project. They are able to gauge the rise of risks during a project and steps that can be taken to avert such risks using their risk management skillset.  

  • Foundation for a rise to the top of the ladder. Working as project managers prepares people like you and me for a successful stint in the upper echelons of management. The role and responsibilities of project managers and the CEO / COO are similar in many ways. They have to supervise team(s), the end goal is financial outcomes and their leadership abilities are needed to succeed at the end of the day, every day. Thus project managers can aspire for leadership roles in businesses based on their current profiles. 

  • Plenty of learning opportunities and personal growth. Each day you learn something new, shape your personality, sharpen your skills and grow as a person / a professional. If you are open to new ideas & learning opportunities, then the sky is the limit.  

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