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Foisting a new way of work/process / digital tool on your employees without thinking it through is a recipe for disaster. If the very people who are meant to use it and drive it forward are not on board then the project is doomed for failure. This means the time, energy, and, money spent on the project has come to naught. This applies for sure when companies onboard any new digital tool such as Salesforce CRM or any of its other cloud offerings such as Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, Retail Cloud, or Nonprofit cloud.  

Below are the Top Practices to Support Your Salesforce Team: 
  • Identify the goals Salesforce deployment is going to solve. Any company, its management, and its IT department need to be very clear about the business objectives the deployment of any tech tool is going to achieve. Deploying IT software without reasoning and discussion is not advisable. Just because others are doing it, you don’t need to. Only once you have sound reasons for onboarding the CRM or any other tech tool should you proceed. 

  • It’s all about your work processes. Instead of being excited/supercharged about adopting any new tech tool, you need to study & review your current work processes ( if they are working or not for you ) in advance. Only once you have clarity on the need to change (and what has to change ) then you should head for acquiring tech tools. Salesforce CRM is all about making changes in all processes to make the company policy customer–first. 

  • Form a legion of supporters. Get people from each department to come together to be stakeholders in the journey, they ideate and test in sandboxes. They are crucial to the success of the project as they are empowered representatives of each team/department and will lead their teammates to use the tool. 

  • Training and training. The only way to ensure the adoption of the CRM and support the teams using it is to make them realize its benefits and how easy it is to use. This is achieved via customized training sessions for each department. These pieces of training are fun, engaging, relevant, hands-on, and simple. These are followed by regular checks – and if the need arises then refresher training courses are organized to keep the teams invested. 

  • Having the right Salesforce partner by your side. This is a no-brainer. The right company with a large team of experienced & certified personnel ensures that any Salesforce project is rolled out smoothly with minimum fuss and issues. A boutique Salesforce Support Partner like Codleo Consulting ( Summit tier partner ) provides wholesome services at affordable prices. You can search for them via referrals, the internet, Salesforce office, or Appexchange. 

  • Salesforce support. A Salesforce Support Partner is important to ensure that any glitches/hiccups are resolved as soon as possible allowing the employees to focus on their core tasks and not get bogged down with issues of Salesforce support. The Salesforce Support Services in India can be 24 x 7, onshore or offshore, via email, phone calls, text, or email. Codleo has a dedicated team for this purpose and is offering various support packages as per the needs of each company.


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