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Salesforce implementation for your company is a big project which needs concentration, finesse and alertness to ensure its smooth at all times. Hence the right consulting partner is the need of the hour in such matters. To help you on this journey, we have prepared a few pointers to help you find the right partner.

Please find below some useful tips on the journey to find the right Salesforce consulting partner:

1. Do your homework. This primarily means surfing the internet using the appropriate words to be keyed into the keyboard. 

2. Take the advice of industry peers who have implemented Salesforce and their experience is invaluable in such matters. Get them to refer partners who they may have used or heard about. Referrals is always a great source of credible information.

3. Get in touch with Salesforce office in your country or region and ask them to suggest a list of partners for you to choose from. They will match you with the right partner for the relevant business process.

4. Look for a company with a large team so that you know all the bases are covered during the project. They have team members such as developers, testers and administrators in good quantity to tide over any issue, any time. They are not handicapped with lack of manpower when required.

5. Check for Salesforce certifications among the employees of the company. The quality and quantity of certifications matters. So, if a partner has employees with higher levels of certification, it's better for you as a client, as the partner is ideal to tackle all issues.

6. Look for a company who has prior experience in your specific industry domain or vertical as the already have an understanding and thus the process would not be as complex and troublesome for both the parties involved.

7. Select a partner who challenges you, asks the right questions and comes up with different suggestions & innovations. Don't go for the "yes people" in such matters.

8. The cost factor should not be a determinant in partner selection as a partner who is more expensive may be a better fit and provide better solutions for the company.

These are some of the important tips to keep in mind while selecting a consulting partner for your Salesforce project. The ideal partner in this journey is Codleo Consulting with its team of experienced and certified employees, an open approach and many happy clients.

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RS Maan

Maan joined Salesforce Ecosystem in 2008 with entry of Salesforce in APAC region. He worked on many of the underlying Salesforce Products & it’s functionality, including Heroku, Chatbots, and Einstein before leading Codleo Consulting - Leading Partner of & In his spare time, he immerses himself in travel, books and spirituality.

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