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Everyone has been so negatively affected by the pandemic, that we have become negative, morose and sad. So, in this blog, we are looking at some positives provided by 2020 to bring some cheer into our lives. 

Here are some of the positives of 2020 we should be talking about:

Digital Adoption at lightening pace - One of the biggest positives for businesses this year, thanks to the lockdowns, is the speed towards going digital. Companies have been forced to accelerate digital adoption and transformation at lightening speed. Years of non - chalance and putting the transformation off was reversed thanks to Covid - 19 and the need to keep businesses afloat via the webspace etc.  The common example of retail outlets and restaurants that evolved to include home deliveries, or contactless curbside pickup,  or IT firms that worked tirelessly to support remote workers and clients is for all of us to see. 

Vaccine development using novel methods - As we all know, vaccines take years to develop and market. For some diseases like HIV, cancer or malaria, there are still no vaccines developed. So its with great astonishment that so many vaccines are being rolled out at the end of 2020 to provide relief from Covid - 19. Pfizer and Moderna vaccines use a game-changing design called messenger RNA (mRNA),  which is new, safer, and more flexible than former vaccines, and as some scientists  are telling that this opens up the possibility of using similar designs to fight cancer, heart disease, and health issues.   The 95% efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccines that are currently being rolled out have eclipsed the past development record of four years set by the mumps vaccine, while  outstripping the 60-70% efficacy level of the many influenza vaccines.  Nick Jackson, head of programs and technology at the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) told The Scientist  “I would predict, and others have too, that this will beckon a new era for the application of mRNA towards infectious diseases, particularly as rapid response platforms to help deal with outbreaks.” 

Less travel, better environment  - The lockdowns and ban on travelling within and intra -- countries have had a positive impact on mother earth, the environment, the production of greenhouse gases and climate change, albeit for a few months. Restricted movement of humans have led to wildlife thriving and giving nature a chance to bloom & thrive. We have all seen many videos on social media of different wild species sauntering into towns and villages. A chance for them to reclaim their former abodes for a tiny amount of time.  Greenhouse gases generated by the U.S. economy will be 9% less this year, its lowest level in at least three decades according to a recent study by BloombergNEF.

Increase in diversity of firms - The shift to work from home has meant companies now have access to a wider pool of talent such as women and people with different abilities. People working in different geographies with different talents & abilities & skills can be tapped into, for the overall benefit to the company and the society in general.


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RS Maan

Maan joined Salesforce Ecosystem in 2008 with entry of Salesforce in APAC region. He worked on many of the underlying Salesforce Products & it’s functionality, including Heroku, Chatbots, and Einstein before leading Codleo Consulting - Leading Partner of & In his spare time, he immerses himself in travel, books and spirituality.

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