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Owed respect is mandatory in companies


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“Everyone should be respected as an individual, but no one idolized.” – Quoted by Late Albert Einstein, American physicist 

Respect at the workplace is an essential part of office culture and environment. Any member of the office (senior or low rank) should be treated with respect on account of their existence. This is known as “owed respect”.  There is another form of respect known as “earned respect”. It as its name refers to is the respect gained at the workplace based on skillset, knowledge, contribution, and productivity. 

If the employees in your organisation feel a lack of “owed respect” across the ranks, then it is time to take quick action before it proves detrimental to the morale and future of the company. Let’s look at some simple ways of achieving this. 

  • Value the diverse backgrounds and ideas of the employees. 

  • Be a good listener. Use the feedback received to take steps on improvements, at the same making the employee(s) feel respected and valued. 

  • Compliment and praise your employees for their good work etc on a regular basis. 

  • Formulate a comprehensive Reward system for acknowledging contributions and other achievements. 

  • Provide opportunities to let employees show their mettle through various means. 

  • Take an interest in the lives of your employees, the life they beyond the workplace. 

  • Support them in moments of crisis, official or personal. 

  • Look for solutions, not find scapegoats or berating an employee for mistakes, etc made. 

  • Do not favour one member of the company over another, irrespective of rank 

  • Institute a policy of “no tolerance towards harassment of any sort” covering a wide range of issues including homophobia, sex, caste, and religious discrimination. 

  • Create a culture of dialogue, openness, and conversations and so on. Everyone feels valued and respected  

  • Attention from the top leadership, maybe in the form of a “meal with CEO/COO/MD”. The list depends on your imagination.

  • Foster the right culture of respect in the organisation.

The above are only some ways to show respect to all employees so they feel a part and parcel of the company and become loyal productive citizens. As the management / top leadership of the company, it is incumbent upon you to create the right culture and ambiance in the office. Respecting a fellow human being is a basic courtesy that should be valued in every organisation. 


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