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A mix of paid and free features launched


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On 24th March 2021, Salesforce announced the launch of their next generation Sales cloud for a digital world. The cloud has 7 new features, some which are already available as we write this and some which will be rolled out in the weeks and months to come. Called Sales Cloud 360, it is meant for sales in the new era of less travel and pandemics. As most sales people now believe that there are changing and travelling would be less for a variety of reasons including economy cuts within their companies. Let's read about these 7 exciting features. 

  1. Pipeline inspection. It refers to new interface to give management intensive insights into the productivity of members of the department. Pipeline Inspection enables comparison between weeks, showcasing opportunities that require support or nurturing of any sort. It is a free feature. 

  2. Salesforce Meetings. It provides a new Meetings Digest screen to help users get ready for a telecall, an interface during the call, and enables automated action items post the call. It is a free feature. 

  3. Global Models for Opportunity Scoring. It gives you the powerful to use strong AI analysis to gain good or bad insights into a lead and the potential of sealing the deal. Earlier Opportunity Scoring needed a minimum of 200 closed won and 200 lost Opps to enable the analysis to take place. With global models, companies can begin before there is a cache of data to analyse. 

Einstein Conversation Insights. It automatically analyses video call transcripts and gives assessment. Insights into trending item names, keywords, and any rival mentions. These insights allow the company to offer curated training sessions for their employees. This is a paid feature. 

  1. In-App Learning for myTrailhead. With the launch of In-App Learning, sales teams can see needful enablement materials, example competitor analysis, and training materials for latest recruits, all from within Sales Cloud. This is a paid feature. 

  2. Tableau Business Sciences. AI-powered predictions, insights, and automated explanations with Tableau Business Science enables sales department to study information and make smart decisions, quicker, without the need for a data scientist onboard. This will be launched in a while. 

  3. Mulesoft Composer. Salesforce has reinvented Mulesoft, by embedding the low code integration platform within Salesforce. Mulesoft have taken their Anypoint platform and made a more declerative focussed tool. This will be helpful for Salesforce Admin’s so that they can create powerful integrations using out of the box connectors.

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